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Complete website redesign for Google XPrize competitor.


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Astrobotic flies items into space for individuals, companies, universities, and even countries. Those items need to communicate with all of their counterparts on the ground. So, how do you bring concepts like “translunar injection” down to earth?

First, we needed to immerse ourselves in the world of commercial space travel.

We took a field trip to the Astrobotic labs to see their rover on a simulated lunar landscape. We read up on the nitty-gritty of space travel. We followed space industry news. And we asked an astronomical number of questions.

Then, it was time to play the soundtrack to Gravity, roll up our sleeves, and start crafting content.

From copy to design elements, we needed to marry clarity and simplicity with credibility and accuracy. Custom icons, animations, diagrams, and step-by-step planning tools help convey Astrobotic’s services to everyone, from engineers to armchair space enthusiasts.

The Takeaway We are mediators, making the complex understandable

Even if your business isn’t rocket science, it’s full of insider knowledge often lost on the general public. Is your message clearly expressed? Having an objective set of eyes and ears can help.

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