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10 Exceptional B2B Content Marketing Examples

Let’s take an unofficial poll. Which type of marketing content is more fun to create: B2B content or B2C content?

Our guess is that the majority of you are going to vote for B2C, and that’s okay! B2C marketing is fun. But…but…B2B marketers can have a ton of fun with their content, too.

To prove it, Hubspot put together a list of 10 B2B companies who are making exceptional content that attracts and connects with potential customers. Here’s their list:

  1. CB Insights: Newsletter – Their newsletter gives insights on technology, venture capital, and emerging business. Those are serious topics, but they present them in a not-so-serious way. If you subscribe, you’ll be laughing at the subject lines and commentary while also learning a thing or two.
  2. Unbounce: Page Fights – Unfortunately, Unbounce discontinued this series. Womp. Page Fights was a monthly live stream of marketing optimization experts who critiqued landing pages in real time.
  3. Mattermark: Raise the Bar – This newsletter rounds up the best marketing, sales, and growth engineering news from a number of industries. Their goal is to help their subscribers keep up with news and trends without having to do too much work.
  4. Deloitte Insights – This one isn’t as much fun as it is quality. Deloitte has tons of different customer personas so rather than try to create content to please all of them, they create content that targets each group separately. The reason they’re on this list is to remind you that your audience isn’t one homogenous group.
  5. NextView Ventures: Better Everyday – This one is on the list because they’ve gone full bore with the blogging platform, Medium. That platform is really popular in some niches (like VC). NextView recognized this and focused on building an audience there. The takeaway? Go where your audience is.
  6. Wistia: Instagram – We’re big fans of Wistia (Hi, Wistia!). They do an exceptional job of humanizing their brand on Instagram. That’s something many companies miss out on.

Still 4 more we couldn’t fit in here →


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