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What You Should Know About “People Also Ask”

Close your eyes for a moment. Actually, scratch that. Head over to Google and type in a random search.

The results will likely spit out some different elements like featured snippets, Knowledge Graphs, local packs and ‘People Also Ask.’

Those are called SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages; the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a searcher.

We’re gonna dive into some specifics on the PAA or People Also Ask element.

  • Do PAAs have a limit? Moz says “no-ish.” PAAs have the ability to trigger a potentially infinite number of questions on the topic of interest. Why should you care? It’s all about the opportunity. The more questions you can scrape, the better.
  • PAAs can trigger video results: Back to opportunity. If you use YouTube, start optimizing your video descriptions to show up in PAAs. Videos will continue to gain steam in search results. Don’t get left behind.
  • PAA questions are frequently repeated for the same search topic and also trigger featured snippets. 
  • PAAs have a feedback feature: The feedback feature gives you the opportunity to flag irrelevant links to Google. This is helpful if you’re trying to show up in search for those specific questions.

This article is jam-packed with super helpful information on PAAs. Make sure you bookmark and give it a read.

Basecamp Personal

The internet went crazy last week went Basecamp introduced Basecamp Personal.

BP is a completely free version of Basecamp designed with freelancers, students, families, and personal projects in mind. Use it for hobbies, weddings, small events, side projects, volunteer gigs, etc.

Print the Holidays

Kudos to HP for encouraging folks to disconnect this holiday. Well, kind of.

Either way, we dig it.

Facebook Question of the Day

Tiffany says, “has anybody performed working style and personality tests in the workplace (DISC, StrengthFinders, etc) to learn more about employees and how to work better together? I would be interested to know if there are any recommendations for companies that facilitate these trainings or any trainings that have actually worked well.”

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