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Untapped Tactics for Driving Traffic to Your Content

Carnage subscriber, Chantal (what up, Chantal!?), threw this question out to our Facebook Group the other day:

“Everyone talks about content and quality content a lot, but I find most convos never talk about distribution or syndication of said quality content. Was wondering what some of you folks are doing to get more eyes on your content?”

Unfortunately, that question didn’t get too many responses, which got us thinking, maybe marketers don’t focus on content promotion as much as they should.

So if you’re looking for new ways to promote your content, we’ve got a few ideas:

Sponsor Curated Newsletters
You’re probably subscribed to a few email newsletters. Some of them will take sponsors (the Daily Carnage included. Get at us if you’re interested). If you’re not sure where to look for newsletter sponsorship opps, try ThePear.co.

Get Your Entire Company Sharing Your Content
You can beg all of your employees to share content, start an employee advocacy program, or use a tool like Buffer and connect everyone’s LinkedIn profiles. No matter what you choose, it’s really important to have your employees sharing your content with their audiences.

Build a Messenger Audience for Your Brand
1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger. Start trying to get people to engage with your Messenger. You can even use a chatbot, like Chatfuel, to handle some simple chat tasks for you.

Get Involved in Relevant Slack Communities
Slack’s Communities are becoming more and more popular. Find a relevant one for your industry and start engaging with people. Don’t spam them. Just start engaging and you’ll find opportunities to share your content. Not sure how to find a good Community? Ask Google.

Sponsor or Appear as a Guest on a Podcast
Podcasts are definitely an untapped resource. Almost all of them take guests. Some of them take sponsorships. Either option is a great way to get in front of a new audience. If you’re not sure where to start with finding a podcast to sponsor, check out Midroll.

That about covers it. If you have any other ideas, swing by our Facebook Group and let us know!

8 of the Best Free Photo Editing Apps For Marketers

Want to give a boost to your ad creative without dipping into your ad budget? Hard “yes,” right?

Without relying solely on stock images or your art department to edit photos, there are other ways to produce high-quality posts for social campaigns. Without spending a dime. Or a nickel. Or a penny. Okay, you get it.

AdEspresso has collected eight of the best free tools to help you do things like convert images to black and white, correct and retouch colors, sharpen specific details, and more.

Here are a few of our favs from the article:

1) GIMPs claim to fame is its ability to convert color photos to black and white.

Fun fact: Black-and-white advertising is proven to get viewers to focus on a product’s abstract, essential, and defining components.

The platform also provides in-depth tutorials for converting your color images, creating layer masks, basic color curves, and more.

2) iPiccy provides excellent capabilities for photo editors who need to quickly make all-encompassing changes to their images.

Instead of manually changing parts of images with wands and other tools in Photoshop, iPiccy allows you to use a set of processes, including fixing, resizing, cropping, rotating, and flipping an image, to instantly edit an entire photo. Like magic!

3) PicMonkey makes quick photo adjustments to photos, like adding popular effects and enhancing portraits with tools like Smooth, Wrinkle Remover, Blemish Fix, and Teeth Whitening. The tool also allows users to add their own stickers, graphics, and logos.

If you’re integrating a call to action on top of an existing image, PicMonkey’s unique colors and designs could help you catch your viewer’s eye—as with this Dunkin’ Donuts example.

4) Wanna make your own gifs? PhotoScape X is a great resource for creating slideshows and animated gifs. Plus, it has basic photo editing features, too!

For the full list of tools and more details about each one (with killer examples to boot), you know what to do →

Welcome to Good Burger, Home of the Good Burger

Well, a different “good burger,” but still good all the same. And, to be honest, we’re not talking about good like yum, more like nice.

A quick poll of the Carnage team shows that none of us have eaten Burger King in years. So we can’t say for sure. But, we’ve featured The King at least 10 times (11 if you include today) in the Daily Carnage. Their creative is always pretty dang good.

And BK is at it again with an ad for Good Samaritan Day. This time, they’re tricking unsuspecting motorists by making them think a car on the side of the road is on fire.

When good Samaritans stop to help put out the fire, they discover that the smoke and flames are coming from, not the engine, but a grill under the hood. As you’d expect, they’re grilling burgers on that grill, which they serve to anyone kind enough to pull over.

Who doesn’t love a free burger?

“It’s helluva start being able to recognize what makes you happy.”
Lucille Ball

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