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The Podcast Ad Dictionary

It’s advertising lingo and podcabulary time!

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The “WTF Does That Mean” Podcast Glossary

pod·cast  |  noun – /ˈpädˌkast/

a digital audio file made available on the internet, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.


So you wanna advertise on podcasts, huh? It can be one of the best channels for reaching audiences at their full attention and with specific targeting. But planning, assessing creative, tracking, and measurement for advertising on podcasts comes with its own set of rules and jargon.

SXM Media made the “podcabulary” glossary to give you all the industry essentials and pro vocab. 

Back to basics. Types of podcast ads:

  • Host-read ad – When a host talks about an ad in this native podcast ad experience using talking points from a brand.
  • Announcer-read ad – An “announcer” voice is cast to fit the podcast to create an ad to run seamlessly across multiple networks and/or shows.
  • Client-provided ad – A brand can provide their own podcast ad based on a platforms parameters.
  • PE (personal experience) – When a host uses a product or service and shares their personal experience.
  • Types of ad breaks – pre-roll ad, mid-roll ad, post-roll ad

Here are some of the specific terms to know for podcast advertising:

  • Cross-platform packaging – This is a plan to distribute an ad across audio-based platforms like streaming music or satellite radio.
  • Dynamically inserted ad – Inserting ads, either client-provided, announcer-read, or host-read, at the time of download. So different listeners would be hearing different ads as opposed to baked-in ads.
  • Vignettes – This combines a host read ad with storytelling. These 2 to 3-minute produced spots are dynamically inserted and run in the mid-roll position.
  • Transcription targeting – Ad technology that transcribes audio from episodes into text, then sorts them into categories. This means you can target (or anti-target) content at the episode-level.

Check out the full glossary from SXM Media for more podcast pro lingo!

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Ads from the Past

1960, Miller High Life

“The bottom line is that people are seeking answers and direction, not messages or sales pitches.”

Brian Solis


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