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About Those TPS Reports

Whether you need to prove your worth in your current ‘social media’ role or you just want to have a bang-up report, the folks at Sprout Social got you covered. When it comes to reporting, think about these things:

  1. What’s your frequency? Weekly, monthly or quarterly. If you report quarterly, you’ll have a lot more data to show trends with. Either way, make sure your frequency is dialed in.
  2. Who’s looking at it? A productive report will have you speaking to the right person(s). A marketing team is likely going to look at a report differently than a CFO. Make sure your reports speak to the person(s) reading them.
  3. KPIs on KPIs: Key performance indicators are v important. Things like, reach, new followers, posts and conversions should be featured somewhere in your report.
  4. Keep it real: Your report can include all the data in the world, but it needs to have some context. For example, what’s the average engagement rate of a business in your industry? Sprout Social calls this principle SMART.
  5. Action items: If you wanna leave a good impression, end your report with specific action items based on the data. For example, I’m going to run more ads based on this finding.

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