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How to Create a Brand Style Guide That Will Evolve with Your Business

What would ya say you do here? No, we don’t mean to ask you that, but rather your brand.

Being able to define your brand and express it accordingly is crucial. For two reasons: to keep appearance consistent and to set yourself apart as a business. This is where a brand style guide comes into play.

Wix goes over how to create one that will evolve with your business as it grows and develops. Whether you’re kicking off a new brand, locking down the details, or rehauling your brand, these are the steps to keep in mind.

  1. Define your brand identity. Start by fleshing out the personality of your brand. Define goals, values, mission, and target market. Then define how those will be portrayed by the look, voice, and behavior of the brand.
  2. Research your competitors. When it comes to creating your brand style, it’s helpful for ensuring your aesthetic isn’t too similar to your competitors. You don’t want any confusion regarding who’s who.
  3. Include all the essential elements. Each brand has its own unique style guide, but making sure it is cohesive and easy-to-apply is important. Components to include are the introduction, typography, color palette, iconography & photography, grid system, and tone of voice.
  4. Make a list of collateral. Determine how your collateral goals will be addressed in your brand style guide. Whether your advertising materials will be printed, digital, or both, consider a section entirely for product branding and packaging.
  5. Plan for a brand evolution. Most things are subject to change and your brand style guide is no exception. Building a solid foundation is imperative that way ongoing development may be easily applied. When you have some new ideas, designate a place for them for reference when it’s time for a review.

Read on for a breakdown of the components mentioned in step 3 and check out brand examples for Spotify, Starbucks, and more.


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