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How To Use Wikipedia as a SEO & Content Marketing Tool

Wikipedia is one of the top resources for information online. It has a huge pull on Google, too, for general SEO and especially for Google Knowledge Panels. Wikipedia pages also rank for half of all searches, often because people link to them so often.

Here are the main ways your business can use Wikipedia as a content and SEO tool:

  1. Topic Research: Google has been moving away from phrase matches and keywords in favor of topics. You can still gauge interest based on Wikipedia article traffic. Try it out for yourself with
  2. Keyword Research: Now hold on, keywords still have their SEO value. Wikipedia is known for being a rabbit hole, and that goes for all of the related terms that can come with a given article as well. It’s perfect for marketers trying to figure out the most-used terms for related keywords.

Wanna use Wikipedia to your SEO advantage? Here are two ways how, but let’s keep it ethical out there, guys (everyone wants to keep Wikipedia as promotion-free as possible):

  1. Help a Wiki Out: You can add links to your content for broken and missing citations. Do this by searching Google for “ [keyword] intext:“dead link” (or “citation needed”)” and see if your link is relevant.
  2. Make a Company Wikipedia Page: Does every business need a page on Wiki? No. But if you think yours does, there are a lot of advantages to using it for overall awareness and search crawls. And as we mentioned, Wikipedia is a major source for Google Knowledge Panels.

Shivar Web gives a whole lot more details on Wiki links, content strategy ideas, and how to use Wikipedia with Keyword Planner in their full post, so check it out!


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