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Online Reputation Management: What It Is & Why You Need It

Get those pencils out, ladies and gents! We’re working to improve Online Reputation Management (ORM) with the help of AdEspresso, today.

One-star reviews, a negative message, or an angry email can be day-breakers. But it’s how you respond that determines if the customer remains loyal or not.

You’ve been the unhappy customer before. Think about a time when a customer service team listened and actually helped. It made your day, right? So much so, you might’ve felt inclined about filling out a feedback service.

ORM tackles the little fires with open, personalized conversation before it causes serious damage, and it’s a vital ingredient to building brand loyalty.

Let’s get into the 5 ORM strategies recommended by AdEspresso:

  1. Answer Promptly and With Empathy. As a matter of fact, 83% of people expect responses to social media comments in a day or less (Clutch survey). Prompt responses prevent frustration and show the customer they are a priority. Take a peek at this example via Twitter.
  2. Address Negativity Up Front. 82% of consumers read online reviews AND 97% also read the business’s responses. If that’s not enough reason to always address unhappy customers, we don’t know what is. With a closer look into Peloton’s response to unsatisfied folks shows:
    • “Thank you for” or “We’re sorry about” – show empathy
    • Offering a FAQ link or an email – make the answer convenient
    • Provide a timeline – set expectation
    • Mention your team – the customer is the companies priority
  3. Own Up To Your Mistakes. When you hurt a friend, you apologize. Dealing with tense customer situations isn’t any different. Here are a few insights to crafting an honest apology:
    • Consider the medium.
    • Directly address the concerns raised by consumers.
    • Describe how you intend to resolve the situation.

There are 2 more strategies and plenty of examples. Check it out!


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