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The most important social media trends to know for 2020

Y’all social media is evolving. No, that’s not really news. But the marketer who fails to stay alert is the one who falls behind.

Once again, we’re jumping right into it with Sprout Social! In case your social strategy is running amock at the start of 2020, here are the biggest trends to get you back in action…

1. Brands re-evaluating the metrics that matter most. Likes once rang supreme to measure success on social media. But on FB and IG, Likes are hidden. Where do we turn now? Look to understand what’s driving conversation with customers. Longterm engagement > short-term spikes.

2. The growth of private communities and tight-knit tribes. Cold hard truth incoming – Can every single human on this earth gain value from your product/service? Probably. Will every human actually want it? No. And that’s why building genuine connections with super fans should be your new focus.

3. More advanced, dynamic and direct social ads. Consumers are getting more comfortable with ads across major social channels. With targeting capabilities reaching new heights, marketers have the ability to sell in meaningful ways.

4. Brands are putting influencers under a microscope. The combination of fake influencers and the downfall of likes put extra scrutiny on influencer marketing. The best practice going into 2020 is to work with nan-influencers or those with a few thousand followers.

5. Stories aren’t slowing down. Instagram & Facebook Stories are all the rage and that doesn’t appear to change any time soon. And creating interaction is the best strategy. Use polls, quick questions, and more Story features to engage your audience.

6. Video content continues to boom. Facebook has the most active users and plenty of ways to incorporate video. Instagram brings new life to IGTV with landscape video. YouTube is getting more notoriety among brands/marketers. And then there’s TikTok. Don’t 👏 sleep 👏on 👏video👏

Get further explanations from the original article. Plus, 3 more great strategies worth reviewing. You know what to do!


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