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AI Marketing certs for 2024

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5 AI in Marketing Certifications for 2024

Happy January! If you have some mandatory professional development to do, or if you’re leveling up for the love of it all, consider an AI-related marketing cert to stay ahead of the curve, like these:

Certifications for Beginners:

Certifications for Advanced Learners:

Something for Everyone:

Read more about each at Pathmonk.

Q for You

Are you participating in any of these January challenges?


Somebody said something about a deliverable due today… but you can’t find the Slack channel. Or remember who said it. Was it on Notion? Was it an email? Will it go away if you pretend it doesn’t exist?

Ayraa is a Slack app and browser extension that work together as a genAI search engine for all your apps, so you can ask it things like “what were the action items again?” It can also use your data to solve problems, debug code, and act as a personal AI assistant around the web.

The 2024 Menu

Whether you want a 5-course campaign or an à la carte order, we have something for every budget.

  • Sponsor an entire issue of The Daily Carnage ($500): Pairs well with brand awareness objectives and brands with cool logos.
  • Sponsor our Tactics spot ($1,500): Pairs well with brands and marketing influencers with fresh ideas and somewhere to click.
  • Sponsor our Tools spot ($1,000): Pairs well with B2B brands and startups with apps, tools, and tech that we didn’t know we needed.

So, what’ll it be?


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Cointreau 1934

Cointreau 1934


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