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Wake up, Morty! We’re In a Commercial, Morty!

If you’re familiar the Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and Morty, you’re familiar with its ad-libbed voice acting, allusive writing, and misanthropic characters.  

You may also be familiar with how long it took for this most recent season to air. Maybe because your coworker wouldn’t stop talking about it…

Well, it seems the creators of the shows had more on their plate than just writing a complex storyline about the multidimensional misadventures of the smartest man in the universe (aka narcissist anti-hero) and his dopey grandson. See also: dadaist sci-fi rigamarole. 

They were also busy making sponsored content for in between seasons. An interesting integration for a show so… anarchist. But, what’s really interesting is how the shows’ creators produced such content, like today’s ad for Carl’s Jr

Rick doesn’t even mention liking Carl’s Jr. burgers. Instead, he just barges into Morty’s room in the middle of the night, yelling, “Morty, wake up! We’re in a Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s commercial right now!” By infusing their own brand of chaotic-yet-sharp storytelling into the sponsored content, they made something that is almost like a clip from the show itself. 


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