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27 of ’em.

5 Paradigm Shifts that Will Change the Way You Do Marketing

Whenever we see an interview with Seth Godin, we jump at the opportunity to listen, knowing we’ll glean something valuable from his humanistic thinking. His profound, well-reasoned voice is a welcomed reprieve from the noisy, muddied waters of the marketing world.

Today’s Listen is an excellent example of Seth’s thoughtful observations of this world, and how to be truly successful in an industry that is churning out content at factory-fast settings.

Seth is welcomed on at 3:15. He challenges us to think differently about marketing and, of course, to make more meaningful connections with consumers. As he discusses, don’t just find an audience for your product, find product for your audience. Don’t just tell your story, invite them into it. 

“Today is different than 50 years ago. 50 years ago, you had to reach the entire audience before you got any feedback. Now, you can have 100 people read your book and find out what happens. Now, you can put something on YouTube for a day and then take it down. There are so many ways to engage with your market. Say, ‘Here it is,’ and then see what they do.”

Here’s what else is covered:

  • How to ship your projects quickly without sacrificing quality
  • Why the old models of marketing are failing and what it takes to succeed today
  • The psychology behind why people buy (most of us miss it)
  • The perils of not understanding the world we’re marketing in
  • Why now is an ideal time to be a creative person

You know you wanna tune into this one.

27 Facebook Relevance Score Hacks

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well will your Facebook ads perform? That’s essentially what the Facebook ad relevance score asks. Naturally, a low score means that your ads won’t perform very well and a high score usually means great performance and lower advertising costs. We aimin’ for that 10

Sooooo… how do you get your relevance score up to 10? We’ve got (some of) the tips for you right here:

  1. Understand and segment your target audience. Who’s your ideal customer? Build your ad targeting so that it’s built for that one person. Sure, they’ll be shown to fewer people, but those people will likely engage more.
  2. Target people who have already interacted with your ads or Facebook page. There are almost always going to be people who have clicked an ad or visited your page, but haven’t converted.
  3. Use eye-catching, engaging images. If you’re just using boring stock photos, you’re gonna have a bad time
  4. Determine the best times to run your ads. It’s prettyyy unlikely that your audience wants to see your ad 24/7.
  5. Pay attention to ad frequency. If your audience is seeing your ad too much, they’ll get ad fatigue and your costs will skyrocket.

10 of the Best Ads from July

What the f— it’s August? When did that… How did that… What even IS time?? Thoughts of fleeting pool days aside, at least it means a month’s worth of ads have been added to a “Best of” roundup.

From Kevin the Pomeranian and Kristen Wiig for Pizza Hut to Taco Bell’s take on “sad-vertising” and that one ad we mentioned yesterday, this list is delightfully weird, star-studded, and, as always, has us thinking outside the bun… err…box.

Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.
Dan Zarella

Ads from the Past


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