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Those Dang Millennials

We actually like Millennials. Over 50% of our office is made up of ’em.

10 Tools That Show More Data Than Google Analytics

Remember those marketing metrics we were talking about on Friday? You can pull most of them from Google Analytics. But, to get some of the data, you’ll need help from a few additional tools.

No need for a lengthy intro today, let’s just get right into it.

Here are a bunch of tools (many of them are free) that you can use alongside Google Analytics to get more insightful info from your data…

1) Leadfeeder – Free trial and then $59/month
Ever wonder who visits your website and doesn’t take an action? Leadfeeder will help you find out. It gives you data on the companies who are visiting your website.

It’s up to your marketing/sales team to get back in touch with those visitors but Leadfeeder gives a good starting point.

2) Google Tag Manager – FREEEEEE
We kinda love Google Tag Manager. Like most of Google’s tools, it’s complex. But, it can help you get more accurate data by implementing tags. It’s particularly great for call tracking, conversion tracking, and remarketing.

Fair warning, there’s a bit of a learning curve to the tool.

3) Buffer – Starts at $15/month
You likely know Buffer as a social media scheduler. It’s great at that, but it also has a pretty serious analytics platform built in. You can get data about post-performance, follower growth, and more.

4) Google Optimize – Completely free
Wanna do some A/B testing, but don’t wanna shell out a ton of cash for some software? That’s where Google Optimize comes in. It’s a completely free A/B testing tool. And, it’s a heck of a lot better than most of the paid tools out there.

Like most Google tools, there’s a learning curve here too. But it’s worth it!

5) GT Metrix – $0.00/month
Website speed is stupid important for SEO. Google Analytics has some basic info on site speed, but it doesn’t tell you how to fix it. GT Metrix will help you figure out what’s causing your website to run slowly. From there, your SEO team can help you fix it. You’ll be shooting up the SERP in no time.

There’s more we haven’t covered…

We get it — you’re overwhelmed. Marketing ain’t a 40 hour a week job anymore. Sometimes it feels closer to a 140 hour a week job.

You wanna hire someone but don’t quite have the budget for a full-time experienced employee.

Have you ever considered bringing on a marketing apprentice? No? Well maybe it’s time.

To make it easier, GenM is gonna help you out. They connect businesses with digital marketing apprentices. All of their apprentices are fully trained and ready to dig in from day 1. All you provide is mentorship.

That’s a win-win in our book.

5 Core Characteristics of Millennials and How to Market Based on Each One

The reputation around the word “millennial” isn’t so hot these days. People can say what they want but that crew is well over 76 million in the US alone.

Right now, millennials are the largest and most influential of the generations. It goes without saying there’s an elephant ton of opportunity here.

AdEspresso is bringing us five characteristics to help us better market toward millennials. Are you reaching them correctly? Let’s find out.

1) For the love of savings!

Keep in mind millennials are making 20% less than their parents, prefer renting over buying, and are focused on building their savings.

You have to appeal to those bargain bones. In your ads, create messaging that evokes a feeling of financial security, responsibility, and self-reliance. Acorns is a good example here. They’ve done a killer job at curating a message to appeal to millennials desire to save.

2) They won’t buy before doing a little reading.

AdEspresso says millennials will research until they are confident about their potential buy.

“Almost 80 percent of millennials use their phones to research prices while 68.9% use their phones to read reviews.”

Get creative with landing pages. Play with tasteful imagery, provide the right information, and be engaging. If relevant, blogs can work really well. Another little move is using a “Learn More” CTA over “Buy Now.” Test it out for yourself.

3) Friend recommendations trump all.

AdEspresso notes 91% of millennials buy based on the recommendations of those close to them.

Jump on that referral marketing bandwagon! Find out who your customer advocates are and offer incentives when they refer a friend. Make sure the incentive is useful for the customer. Don’t be afraid to partner with other companies when it makes sense to.

For example, Life Fitness partnered with Karma Athletics to offer a $50 gift card to the customer that referred a friend.

We left 2 characteristics for you to discover on your own ⬇️


“Don’t skip and we’ll plant a tree…” That’s one pretty encouraging reason to watch a 30-second commercial.

If there’s one thing we all agree on, it’s that we don’t want the earth to spontaneously combust. So when companies go the extra mile toward saving the planet, gotta tell all y’all.

Busch partnered with the National Forest Foundation and promised to plant one tree for every view of this pre-roll ad! They make this message blatantly clear within the first three seconds then move on to a more entertaining note.

Watch the ad and make Busch plant a ton of trees! If you’re curious, here’s the link to learn more about the tree planting project.

“Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.”

Brian Solis

Ads from the Past

Do you guys remember when you got your first color TV? Neither do we.

Kinda wild that when this ad came out in 1956, color TV was suuuper uncommon. More wild was the fact that you had, like, 4 channels and were forced to watch whatever they wanted to show you. Simpler times…


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