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3 Ways to Connect With Your Audience

Hint: Don’t rely on facial expressions.

Field-Tested Tips for E-Commerce Success

If you’re a business owner, or have thought about starting a business, today’s podcast is for you. It’s an interview with the founders of Huckberry, a brand that curates men’s lifestyle products. They’re one of the largest men’s e-commerce stores on the web.

Among other things, the founders talk about how to set yourself apart as a brand and how to stand out from all the noise from your competitors. That’s not an easy thing to do, and something that almost all companies struggle with, but these guys have some great tips to help your brand dominate its industry.

3 Ways to Connect With Your Audience

How many times have you glanced up during an office presentation with hopes that your audience of coworkers were watching with enraptured gazes, hanging on to your every word? How many times has this not, unfortunately, been the case?

Fast Company delved into psychologist Lisa Feldman’s book, How Emotions Are Made, to explore what commands audience engagement, the keys to successful delivery, and how important facial expression really is when analyzing moods and reactions. (Spoiler alert: evidence concludes facial cues are likely not a good barometer of how well your presentation is going.)

Read on to learn three reliable signs of audience engagement — and what to do if your speech starts going south.

A Real-Life Conference Call

Youtube celebs Tripp and Tyler have unlocked the key to comic relief in the office. They also understand native advertising better than most.

Their viral videos turn the most frustrating office behaviors into a good laugh with a slight push to look into the sponsor’s solution.

If you’ve been on one too many conference calls this week — and are bemoaning the fact that it’s only Tuesday — today’s video pick should help you manage the monotony.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.”
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