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…If you only knew the power of the dark side…

List Building + Social Media (What’s Working Now)

Are you as obsessed with building email lists as Amy Porterfield is? She would be hard-pressed to say, “heck no!” But she is certainly exuding her excitement and feeding our own in today’s Listen. And that’s exactly why Amy is gushing in her podcast — because she wants you to be equally obsessed. Just one of the many reasons we love Amy — her enthusiasm. And the fact that she knows her stuff.

According to the list-building kween herself, list building starts with a great idea for a lead magnet, and a great idea for a lead magnet always starts with your ideal customer avatar. And there is one big question she asks herself: Where is my ideal customer right this minute, and what small but significant step can I help them make. (I guess that’s more like two questions.) If your lead magnet starts where your avatar is right now, then you are going to become a trusted go-to source.

She covers a lot of value in this, but here are the main highlights:

  • (05:08) How to come up to with a great idea for a lead magnet.
  • (10:06) How to embrace video when it comes to list building. Video is a new player in the game that’s getting crazy-good results. When done right, it will boost your list growth.
  • (17:25) Confirmation emails and all the other amazing things you can do with them. The first email you send should build value right out the gate and immediately dial up your own authority and leadership.
  • (21:33) The right strategy for your nurture sequence. She lists several examples you can include in your sequence to give you great results, like how these brands did.
  • (24:45) How calls-to-action can make all the difference with your campaigns.
  • (27:05) The tools Amy uses and how she uses them for her own list building.
  • (40:11) How and why Amy links her original free content to her list-building efforts.

And, hey, if you wanna read the whole thing and take notes that way, here’s the transcript

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The Guide to Tracking Dark Social

“…if you only knew the power of the dark side…”

Darth Vader might not have been talking about website traffic when he said that, but he might as well have been. You know how when you’re in Google Analytics (GA from here on out), there’s that big chunk of traffic that’s defined as “Direct”?

That’s known as dark traffic because Google can’t track where those people came from. We do know it’s likely traffic from one of four places:

  • People manually typing your URL (rare)
  • Visits from mobile apps (more common)
  • Visits from email forwards (also common)
  • Visits from chat platforms (increasingly more common)

When you unlock the power of dark traffic, it’ll help transform your marketing, and today’s Read is here to help.

  • First, start by segmenting out that direct traffic in GA. You’ll do that from the audience tab on your GA dashboard.
  • Next, remove all the easy to remember URLs from that segment. The reason behind that is that easy to remember URLs are more likely to be manually typed into a browser.
  • Okay, now what? Unfortunately, that’s about as good as it gets with past traffic. Moving forward, you need to make it easier to share your content with a tracking link.
  • To help this happen, make copying/pasting your links even easier by using a preloaded “copy” button. You’ve probably seen this from Bitly and similar tools.
  • Now, tag all of your links with UTM’s. These tags help you understand where your traffic is coming from. Use GA tools to create tracking tags.
  • Finally, use a social sharing tool, like, that allows you to control the link source and add the appropriate UTM codes prior for each.

Phew, there’s a lot to digest here. Read the full article to get it all.

Butter Than Everything

With their latest batch of ads, Pop Secret is the subject for a serious debate. Not.   

Illogical discussions take place in the form of intellectual banter amongst an eclectic group of people who reach the “logical” conclusion that Pop Secret is [cue tagline] better than everything. Better than birthdays, for example, because birthdays have pointy hats and pointy hats can poke you in the eye! (One discussion panelist has the wound to prove it.)

They’re so silly. So silly in a way that totally works, because they fully commit to the absurdity. Not to mention, the comedic timing is perfect. All three are strangely charming, and guaranteed to give you a giggle, so we’re queuing up the trio for today’s Watch.

“The older I get, the greater power I seem to have…I am like a snowball—the further I am rolled the more I gain.”
Susan B. Anthony

Ads from the Past


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