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Nobody Likes Your Content

The good news is, your content doesn’t have to wallow in mediocrity.

7 Techniques to Keep Blog Readers Engaged

We went to digital marketing school this morning and it only took 5 minutes to extract 7 techniques to keep blog readers engaged.

Here ya go:

  1. Your post must be written in a conversational tone use the words “You” and “I”.
  2. Bucket Brigades are the technique of breaking up paragraphs up into 1-3 sentences. Makers it easier for mobile readers.
  3. Subheadings make your content more skimmable.
  4. Use great engaging images.
  5. Most readers scroll to the bottom of your post first so make sure there is a conclusion that summarizes what the post is about.
  6. Publish different types of content to add value. (Videos, Podcasts, Infographics, Etc.)
  7. End your blog post with a question. Readers are more likely to engage with your content.

Check out the Marketing School podcast with Neil Patel and Eric Siu. They provide actionable advice every day in 10 minutes or less.

Why Nobody is Actually Reading Your Content

Are you actually getting people to read your blog content? Probably not. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Sure, you might get views on that page, but views are a vanity stat.

Just because someone clicked on your article, doesn’t mean they’re actually reading it. Maybe your headline was great, but the rest of it sucked so people tune out.

The good news is, your content doesn’t have to wallow in mediocrity. You can publish content that people will actually read. That’s what today’s Read will help you do, and there is so much advice in this article that we can’t even begin to list it here. You’ve gotta read this one.

Long Form Mobile Video 

I’m sure you have read numerous articles stating why shorter video content is better, but in today’s video excerpt Gary Vee disrupts this notion stating:

“Long form video works on mobile devices”. The caveat is, of course, the video has to be good.

Mr. Vaynerchuck is not just ranting, the data has his back. According to Forbes, 75% of mobile users are watching content for longer than 10 minutes.

We might start rethinking all those 15-second clips we scheduled into next month’s CoSchedule calendar.

When you lose followers because of where you stand – you strengthen your tribe.
Glen Gilmore

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