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The Booby-Trapped Cave of Productivity

Plus 5 Marketing trends to know in 2017.

5 Marketing Trends to Know in 2017

Marketing is kind of like investing. You gotta diversify your portfolio. If all of your money is invested in one company, and that company tanks…well, you’re SOL. Same thing in marketing. If you invest all your time and energy to build up a huge audience on Facebook, and then Facebook takes away organic reach…you’re SOL.

That’s just one of the lessons Noah Kagan covers in today’s Listen. Noah always seems to know-a (sorry, that was terrible) best when it comes to marketing trends.

All 5 of his trends to know right here:

  1. Dominate multiple mediums. Facebook, email, messenger bots, Slack Communities, etc.
  2. Customizing one-to-one marketing communications. The more personal your marketing campaign is, the better. Personalization can deliver 5-8 times the return on investment for marketing spend.
  3. Utilize the power of marketing bots. You’re probably ignoring this trend. Stop it!
  4. Tap into online communities. Take time every day to interact with people in online communities.
  5. Setting a higher bar for quality content. We know, this is old news, but Noah takes 2 weeks (damn!) to create a blog post to make sure it’s the best.

6 Beautiful Examples of Corporate Videos

The power of corporate and brand videos is simple. When done right, they keep your audience’s attention, boost sales, and effectively deliver your company’s message. Doing it right is the hard part. But visual media, as the stats show, is the most profitable way to communicate your product or company’s beliefs to your audience.

Check it: 

  • Consumers remember 10% of what is heard
  • Consumers remember 20% of what is seen
  • They remember about 50% of what is heard and seen
  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter
  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined 
  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound

Today’s Watch shows you some of the best corporate and brand vids out there. A few of our faves are listed are below, but dive in to see what else this roundup includes. Maybe they’ll inspire your own videos! 

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