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“Yo, Google!”

Making a call to Google today…

If you missed the news…

We’re having another Sessions event at our office in Pittsburgh tomorrow night!

What is Sessions? A casual conversation with a successful entrepreneur, marketer, or creative.

Who Should Come? Come one, come all. Creatives, marketers, founders, students, etc.

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The Strategy Behind $111,000 Worth of Soapbox Video Ads

Companies that spend $$$ on advertising campaigns and share the results = the G.O.A.T. 🙌🙌

Wistia has had a pretty awesome year. From launching their first docuseries to having it stream on Amazon, you could say they’re on fleek. They also had a successful video ad campaign to promote their Soapbox service, aka their free webcam and screen-recording tool.

But to have such a successful campaign, they also needed to spend some bills to get there: $111,000 to be exact ($1K, $10K, & $100K video ad budgets). That ain’t pocket change.

So, how did they get the 🔥 results? Here’s a breakdown of their strategic media plan:

The Campaign #Goals

To get anywhere, you gotta set some goals first. Wistia set their KPIs as:

  1. Cost to install
  2. Cost per 25% watched

These KPIs acted as the guiding light for all things decision making: messaging, ad formats, targeting, budget, etc.

Evaluating The Media Partners

With three varying production budgets, it was important for Wistia to best utilize their budgets and platforms. The main goal = driving project installs and engagement. So, they turned to Facebook and YouTube as their primary paid media partners.


This allowed for the company to test at scale and optimize data in real-time. With the campaign only being three weeks, it was essential to keep an eye on the data and make sure the budget was being allocated in the volume-driving ad placements.

For the full scoop on Wistia’s successful media strategy and results, keep on readin’. 🍧

Content Comprehensiveness

“Yo @Google, can you give us a breakdown of what high quality content is?”

*cue radio silence*

While Google is MIA, Moz is tellin’ us what we need to know about content comprehensiveness.

The fact is, there’s no one right comprehensive model for everyone. It depends on what kind of page you manage. If you manage an e-commerce page, your comprehensive content is going to be different than an informational page.

Different intent = different comprehensive criteria

Make sense? Cool. Moz uses the query example of a “Complete Guide For Buying A House” to explain content comprehensiveness. Let’s take a look:

1) Intent

Break this query down for a sec. The word “Guide” most likely means someone wants a cohesive and very thorough step-by-step result.

If someone is searching for this type of content, they most likely have zero idea what they’re doing. (Do any of us, really?) AKA, this is the first time they’re buying a house. The content needs to be as detailed as possible, and this is where the comprehensiveness comes in.

2) Implications

After someone reads this content, what will the effect be? Buying a house = a huge financial decision. Obviously, finances will be affected, along with happiness and well-being.

Fun fact: Google has a name for this: YMYL. In other words, “your money, your life.”

The standards for this page = HIGH. After all, you’re telling someone how to spend their $$!! For complete comprehensiveness, include expert quotes or relevant stats. The more you make the content trustworthy, the better.

Since Google is sleepin’ on this topic, read more from Moz below. 💤

(You can also read more from us on this topic, right here)

Get Awkwardly Festive

So how’s your ice skating abilities? I dunno ’bout Mark, but ice skating for me (Gloria) is like a Giraffe on roller blades. The thought of needing to ice skate while trying to shop for groceries is my nightmare.

Customers from Iceland Foods seemed to really enjoy it, though. Check out the nifty stunt this UK grocery store pulled to get everyone in the holiday spirit!

(Note from Mark: I’m a heck of an ice skater…as long as I don’t have to turn. So, ice skating in a grocery store would be a disaster for me.)

“Marketing momentum is about the everyday energy and relevance that you keep pulsing throughout your brand and organization.”

Sheryl Adkins-Green

Ads from the Past

Check it out, Don Draper made it in this 1963 Pontiac Motor Divison ad.


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