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All About Amazon Ads

And sky-high conversion rates.

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The Case for Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads offer a unique, product-focused advantage for ecommerce advertisers. While Google Ads promises a broader reach, Amazon Ads present the following opportunities:

  1. Higher conversion rates. Most U.S. product searches occur on Amazon, leading to significantly higher conversion rates—up to 15% compared to just 5% with Google Ads.
  2. Easy attribution and tracking. Amazon Ads’ integrated approach, complete with product data, reviews, videos, and customer trust, makes it a breeze for advertisers to map the customer journey from keywords to sales.
  3. Drive rankings. Unlike Google, Amazon’s unofficial policy suggests that Sponsored Ads can influence organic rankings by driving more buyers to listings, increasing sales, and improving sell-through rates.
  4. Long-term value. Amazon Ads not only boost sales and rankings but also generate reviews, akin to links for Google SEO, making it a tangible investment in your Amazon presence, unlike Google Ads, which Google explicitly keeps separate from organic rankings.
  5. Marketplace dominance. Google’s “Unfair Advantage” policy limits advertisers to one listing per keyword, while Amazon allows a single advertiser to command a significant portion of the search results page, granting more real estate control.

Check out Search Engine Land for more on Amazon Ads.

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