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Digital marketing trends for the new year.

This artisanal email was human-crafted by real people.

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Neil Patel’s Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

Cofounder of NP Digital and one of Forbes’ Top 10 Marketers Neil Patel has some educated guesses for our industry this year. Let’s go:

  1. Companies will create podcasts over blogs. Take advantage of a less saturated channel and grow your podcast with the help of email blasts and ad swaps.
  2. Companies will spend time on the less popular social networks. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube don’t provide the best return on ad spend despite their dominance.
  3. Marketing moats will become non-existent, other than brands. Brand-building sets you apart from copycat competition. Follow the rule of 7 touchpoints and leverage an ecosystem of channels to get attention.
  4. You’ll change the way you write content. Content written by humans is outperforming AI content over 94% of the time. If you’re leveraging AI, make sure humans are doing the revising.

Check out Patel’s full blog post for more.

Q for You

How does your brand position itself with regard to generative AI?


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GEICO Caveman in foreground, his wife in the background

So Easy a C*veman Could Do It

If you’re familiar with this tagline from GEICO, you should be using a night cream and SPF.

The Caveman in question has been thawed to our modern sensibility, twenty years later. He’s working through his trauma with radical vulnerability. He’s ready to move on. But what’s next for him?

Ads from the Past

There's ouly one Welch's. . • for better fruit juices, jams, jellies and preserves . . • famous since 1869.

Welch’s, 1975


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