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Bad habits of homepage creators.

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🚫 Breaking: U.S. has approved the TikTok “ban.” Here are the details.

📺 Don’t hold your breath, but X is reportedly working on a smart TV app.

⛱️ The Pinterest Summer 2024 Travel Report is here.

📈 Well, it worked. Threads now has more daily users than X.

🥠 Google has put off cookie deprecation for a third time but hopes to proceed early next year.

👟 Hellmann’s made a pair of sneakers from food waste, and they’re actually pretty sick.

👓 The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have multimodal AI now.

AI Prompt: Colorful spools of thread. Photographic.

4 Bad Habits of Homepage Creators

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To create an effective homepage, you need to be clear about what your product is and does, and who it is for. Unfortunately, as companies grow in size, message clarity often deteriorates.

Anthony Pierri has identified the four main bad habits that lead to this breakdown in clarity:

  1. Speaking to multiple audiences at once. Copywriters often try to summarize the value and functionality for every potential segment of an infinitely flexible product—so as not to alienate potential customers. This results in a “bad-messaging epidemic.”
  2. Choosing the wrong champion. It’s a common strategy to write for the C-suite, but choosing a target that is too senior limits your audience. Instead, speak to the people CEOs delegate day-to-day decision making to, like VPs, directors, and managers. CEOs aren’t the champion of the sales cycle unless you’re targeting small biz.
  3. Sharing multi-order benefits. Any given benefit leads to saving time, increasing revenue, or minimizing risk. Leading with a series of benefits that beget other benefits can make you sound like everyone else, obscuring what your product actually does.
  4. Using vision-messaging. On the startup messaging spectrum, there’s the founder’s vision on one end, and there’s what the product is capable of doing today on the other. The former is for investors, but customers care about the latter.

Check out Product Growth to develop a better homepage.

Q for You

How often does your brand(s) post on Threads?

2024 State of The Data Report

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It’s tempting to take a cue from Google and drag your feet about getting ready for cookie deprecation.

But the truth is, we’re already living the shift toward a privacy-centric ecosystem—from platform updates to new legislation.

Brands that prepare now will be glad later. WPromote’s 2024 edition of the State of The Data Report walks you through what to expect and how to adapt.

For You

Amazon’s Wickedly Prime brand is hoping to eclipse Trader Joe’s, known for such fire snacks as “Scandinavian Swimmers.”

In our latest TikTok, we asked ChatGPT for some more “Swedish Fish” alternative names that Amazon can use.

Plus, other foody campaigns from Cheetos, Mio, and Uber Eats.

Follow us over there while you still can. 🥹


Titan Casket Grave Conversations

Grave Conversations

Proudly off-putting brand Titan Casket posted a trailer for a new short-form video series hosted by Late Night with the Devil star David Dastmalchian.

“Grave Conversations” features frank discussions about death with celebrities, like Kate Siegel, Mike Flanagan, Matthew Lillard, and others.

TBH, if we’re talking best casket companies, Titan would be #1. But that’s probably because the rest of them aren’t on TikTok.

Ads from the Past

Hellmann's, 1976

Hellmann’s, 1976


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