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Cold, hard cash

ya, we’re going there.

$1,000 Bucks

We’re getting weird with the News section today. It’s cool though, it’s Friday.

Every day, we share up to date marketing trends, things you should be doing, and the tools you should be using. We’re putting our money where our mouth is, literally.

How so?

We’re giving away $1k in cash to help jumpstart your business or side-hustle. There’s even more though. Head over to the link below and see what else you can win.

Facebook Friday

We’re nearing that 3 thousand mark in our Facebook group. Can today be the day?

Here’s what went down this week:

  • 106 folks commented on their preferred method of content consumption. What’s yours?
  • Lauren A. is looking to incorporate some good into her tradeshow. Got any ideas?
  • Joe C. is trying to dial in his messaging to micro-influencers. What’s your go-to line?

Posts of the Week

  • Buffer Stories Creator. (via Buffer)
  • 20 minute SEO tuneup. (via SEJ)
  • Remove backgrounds easily. (Remove.Bg)
  • Boost those conversion rates. (via SEJ)

Drink of the Week

We’re not skiing this week, but if we were, this would be an ideal apres-ski beverage. This drink hails from the Pangea Pod Hotel in beautiful Whistler.

The Dalmatian

1 oz vodka
ΒΎ oz cracked-black-pepper syrup
1 oz grapefruit juice
Β½ oz lemon juice

Bad Ad of the Week

Yes, this was actually a real ad.


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