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Do You Recall?

Audio ads and hot dogs.

4 Key Components to a Winning Audio Ad

Boost recall on your radio and podcast ads with these 4 essential components.

  1. Sonic branding. Super sticky auditory stimuli—from short but catchy sound logos to entire brand anthems and iconic taglines—is the most effective way to improve brand recognition.
  2. Music. Ads with on-brand songs, melodies, and jingles are more memorable than those without, driving purchase intent, recall, and enthusiasm.
  3. Voice. Ask not “who?” but “how many?” Interestingly, ads that utilize multiple voices and two-way banter perform better than those with just one voice actor.
  4. Messaging. The key? Get your brand name in the script 4 or more times. Plus, think of this disclaimer boilerplate as an extra creative space. Bonus: aim for :30 in length, unless you’re in the retail industry, which does better at :15.

Check out the full study at Audacity.

Smash or Pass 👍/ 👎

Congrats on surviving another April Fools Day. So, do you find the brand frenzy fun or cringe?

Heinz Beanz Bag

Campaign URL Builder

Use Google’s Campaign URL Builder to add campaign parameters—like source, medium, and name—to URLs in order to measure Custom Campaigns within your Google Analytics accounts.

MLB 2023

Hot Dog Szn

Happy return to baseball season to all who celebrate. MLB’s new wide-ranging campaign bites back at the “baseball is boring” sentiment with spots like this one, featuring some truly out-of-left-field hot dog toppings.

Ads from the Past

MLB, 1970

MLB, 1970


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