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YouTube Hacks: 21 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Few things are as satisfying as tricks that make our job easier. Whether a keyboard shortcut or a full-stacked tool, it’s the difference between spending 5-hours versus 15-mins on a project. And we’re all about that high-level of productivity.

Hootsuite is sharing game-changing tips to get the most out of marketing on Youtube.

  • Create a GIF from a YouTube video. Add a bit of fun to your social accounts by jumping on the gif-train. Why gifs? Well, use it to promote your Youtube channel or deliver on-brand replies. Learn how to do it:
    • Open the video.
    • Add the word “gif” before YouTube in the URL –[VideoID]
    • Customize your GIF.
  • Take advantage of Youtube video transcripts. Did you realize Youtube automatically creates transcripts for every single video ever created? Now, full disclosure, creators can hide the transcript. But this transcript feature makes video more accessible, plus pulling quotes just go so much easier:
    • From the video, click the three-dot ellipsis beside Save.
    • Select Open transcript.
  • Improve accessibility and SEO ranking with captions. Adding closed captions make your content available to all from those who are hard of hearing or deaf, and those watching with the sound off. You can either upload your own transcript, which Hootsuite recommends or do it using Youtube Studio:
    • From the left menu, select Subtitles.
    • Choose the video to edit.
    • Click Add Language and select your language.
    • Under subtitles, select Add.
    • Enter your captions as the video plays.
  • Promote extra content at the end of your video content. End-screens are the last 5 to 20 seconds of your video. It tells the viewer what they should do after watching your content…aka, a CTA. You can ask viewers to subscribe, watch another video, or link to an approved site. Here’s how it’s done in Youtube Studio:
    • Open the Videos page and select a video.
    • Select Editor from the left menu.
    • Add an end screen.

Visit Hootsuite for the remaining 17 tips!

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