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Email marketing is like dating…


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Does list size really matter?

It’s time to embrace the unsubscribe. Look, we get it. That 5k email list with a 20% open rate is cool and all, but…

What’s the goal?

If you’re focusing on engagement and similar KPIs, you gotta cut the list. Let’s talk about the benefits.

  1. Disengagement is not a worthy metric. Let’s use the above 5k list size with a 20% open rate as an example. Four thousand people are potentially diluting your email performance metrics. Try this: if they haven’t opened the last 5 emails, send them an email to re-engage. If they don’t, cut em’.
  2. List quality. Unsubscribes will ultimately indicate the quality of your list. Think about this: How did these folks get on your list? Do a deep dive into forms that you’re using, CTAs, messaging, etc.
  3. Unsubscribes show a journey: Following the journey of a subscriber to unsubscriber can reveal some interesting data. What’s your segmentation like? Frequency? Content?
  4. Give em’ some options: Email marketing is like dating, kind of. Maybe things went well on the first and second date. Maybe, they farted (ya, we went there) in front of you on the fourth date and you’re still deciding if you want to pursue it. Takeaway: let your subscriber take a break or change the frequency.
  5. What gives? Maybe it was the fart that ended your relationship, but you’ll never know without asking. Do this: on the unsubscribe page, give them some options as to why they moved on.


Calling Tab Hoarders

How many tabs do you have open right now? Ok, maybe not too many if you’re reading this in the am. But, by the afternoon, probably quite a few.

Today’s tool is going to make tabbing a little easier. It’s called Copy All Urls. It’s a Google Chrome extension that gives you the ability to um, COPY ALL THE URLS.

What we like:  The ability to copy, paste and open/reopen tabs is quick and easy. The links will open in multiple tabs. It’s great if you’re doing some research and need to save links for another time without bookmarking.

What we don’t like: We like it.

For All You Love

Subaru with the feels. It’s always the dogs. You just gotta watch this one. Well done Subaru, well done.

Ads from the Past

A solid deal in 1982. Kmart for Polaroid. Only $14.97


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