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For Good Measure

A better model to understand ROI.

Be safe out there. Everyone is circling back this week.

A Cost-Effective Model to Measure Digital Ad ROI

How do you measure return on investment from digital advertising on Google and Facebook?

“Advertisers fundamentally want to know what happens to somebody who sees the ad compared to somebody who doesn’t—that’s the causal effect of the ad, which directly translates to return on investment for the money put in. But the problem is that because of algorithmic targeting, the people who see the ads are super different from those who don’t.” — Florian Zettelmeyer, a professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management

The solution: A small, cost-effective number of randomized controlled trials (RCTs), in which a randomly selected group of consumers is shown an ad and is compared with a randomly selected control group that doesn’t see the ad. This data is then combined with data on industry-standard measures like last-click conversion counts. This model allows advertisers to predict how well a campaign will do in terms of true causal effect.

Take a closer look at the research at Kellogg Insight.

Smash or Pass

Native is launching a Girl Scout collection of personal care products scented like your favorite cookies, so you can be fresh as a Thin Mint.

Native personal care products scented like Girl Scout Cookies on green risers against a green backdrop


It’s time to part with workflows and systems that no longer serve you. Capacities is a “studio for your mind,” organized by a network of connected objects—books, people, meetings, projects, etc. Instead of a hierarchy of files and folders that bury your information and drag your creativity, Capacities endeavors to sync with your brain’s structure and terms instead. It’s a free app, so you can start experimenting now.

A man wearing a sweat headband dabs his mouth with a napkin while lying on his side eating a bowl of Beyond Steak.

A Forklift Away

It’s January 8. The gyms are packed, the planner aisle at Target is ransacked, and juicers are backordered everywhere.

But if you’re not cut out for the resolution rat race, you can just incorporate some protein-packed, plant-made Beyond Meat into your diet. It’s “literally the least you can do.”

Ads from the Past

Bell Telephone System, 1980

Bell Telephone System, 1980


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