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3 Ingredients to Your Secret Sauce [Podcast]

One of the biggest pieces of advice brands get is to show off what makes them unique. This is true for both companies and individuals. So how do you find your own secret sauce, bottle it up, and sell it to the world? Check out this podcast by Scotty Russell. He speaks often about freelance coaching and how to market your creative work, but this applies to anyone trying to find their angle.

Here’s how to find the ingredients to your secret sauce:

  1. Start with Experiences: Your story is your most powerful asset. And consumers love storytelling. Don’t think you have a story to tell? Well, that’s still a story. You may be trying to make it like everyone else, but still, no one can replicate your story. Start jotting down your story or past experiences and see what that looks like.
  2. Skills & Strengths: Outside of your journey, what can you offer that others can’t (or can’t offer nearly as well)? List of any type of skills, credentials, strengths you have. Then try and understand any overlap or outlying skills that are competitive.
  3. Your Identity: What is at your core as a brand or person? Narrow down what matters to you and why you do what you do. If you end up with too many things, they can conflict. Russell suggests picking up to five “buckets” of these categories: interests, passions, beliefs, or values. Jot them down and see where you overlap on topics to understand more about what makes you tick.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your brand won’t be either. Your sauce is going to take some cooking and tasting to perfect. Check out the full podcast and post by Scotty Russell for tips on getting there.

Q for You

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