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Did you know there are as many as 1,851 emoji characters to choose from these days? What a time to be alive! Anna Picard, the Editorial Director at Slack, dives into the world of emoji in Today’s Listen, describing them as a “handy prop in helping us communicate better and faster and more like humans.”

Tune in to understand more about these powerful pictographs – from emoji etiquette to ideas about how emoji represent people and cultures.

Gram Slam

Remember when Instagram was only for posting pictures? Wow, what a simpler time…but def not as entertaining (or engaging). 

Social media trends change on the fly and, as marketers, it’s vital to adapt to them in order to stay relevant and beat the competition. Seems pretty obvious, huh? But with Insta’s ever-growing features, sometimes it’s hard to remember how you can use them in a successful marketing strategy.

Today’s Read focuses on these latest features and how to use them properly to boost your biz.

  1. Photo ads
  2. Instagram Stories ads
  3. Multiple photos and videos (Did you know you can upload up to 10 photos and vids to one post?!)
  4. Get in touch with influencers
  5. Taggable products (aka shoppable tags aka $$$)

How to Use Disappearing Content for Business

Disappearing Content is your newest buzzword. Write it down, don’t forget it. You’re likely familiar with it already, though. Disappearing Content is just Snapchat and Instagram Stories that disappear after 24 hours.

The best part about these stories is that the people who watch them are likely to be your most engaged fans. That’s good news.

Today’s Watch will help you learn how to use (and make money) from this Disappearing Content.


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