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Word of the Day: Edutainment

a strategy for increasing organic reach by 330%

Increase Organic Reach by 330%

It’s no secret that Facebook’s algorithm is purposefully limiting organic reach and engagement. They clearly want you to “pay to play” and that sucks.

Today’s Listen is from one of our favorite tools, Buffer. They wanted to increase their organic reach so they started testing things. Their initial thought was that if they posted more on Facebook, their reach would increase. It makes total sense. More posts = more reach, right?


The more they posted, the worse the posts did. So what actually led to their 330% increase in organic reach?

Edutainment posts. Education + Entertainment = Edutainment. Buffer tries to only post content that is both educational and entertaining. They are sticklers for only posting this type of content, and they only post 1 or 2 times per day. That combination led to a 330% increase in organic reach.

Listen to the full podcast for more tips. (Bonus: It’s only 12-minutes.)

3 Common Mistakes in Messaging 

Who’s perfect? Certainly not us. We’re constantly using the Carnage sources as learning tools to improve our marketing. We love to see you win, and it’s a major bonus when we find articles, podcasts, and videos that help us, too. Today’s Read is one those times.

Here’s an important question to consider: Are you making these common mistakes that can confuse customers?

1. Talking about your history, your awards, how long you’ve been doing business, etc
“When our brains are bombarded with information that isn’t relevant to our survival, it tunes it out.”

2. Trying to communicate too much
Keep it simple (we’re working on this one). “Trying to communicate too much ends up paralyzing customers.”

3. Failing to open any “loops”
 “Your brain is hardwired to pay attention to what we call ‘open loops’…we pay closer attention to those things which aren’t completed…When we don’t open loops in our customer’s minds, they have no motivation to engage us.”

Dive in to learn more from this eye-opening article. 

Best Commercials from the Past 15 Years

Does Monday have you like… ?  Sometimes, a good roundup of awesome advertisements is just what you need to get those creative juices flowin’. Thanks to Adweek and the Cannes Lions Festival starting tomorrow, we’ve got a collection of all the Film and Film Grand Prix winners from the past 15 years. (Like “Dumb Ways to Die”, shown above.)

It’s like a beautiful trip down memory lane…

“Social media is a contact sport.”
Margaret Malloy

Ads from the Past


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