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Hello, Fellow Humans

How to human, according to ChatGPT.

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Generative AI Prompt: A robot walks into a room full of humans. Bright colors.

ChatGPT’s Guide to Making Your AI Content More Human

Search Engine Land asked ChatGPT, “How can I improve my prompts to make AI-generated content seem more human-like?” 

This is the ticket, according the bots:

  • Be specific and detailed.
  • Request a conversational, casual, or friendly tone, which will prompt the bot to bring in more colloquial language, contractions, and relaxed sentence structure.
  • Incorporate emotions and sensory details.
  • Ask for personal opinions or experiences. Did you know AI can simulate personal anecdotes?
  • Use examples or analogies.
  • Adjust complexity according to your audience.
  • Encourage storytelling. Content that follows a narrative structure is more accessible and engaging to readers.
  • Request examples of dialogue.
  • Iterate and refine. Your initial attempt won’t always yield the best results. Keep trying.
  • Understand AI limitations. You’ll need to refine your prompts in order to distill complex and abstract concepts with AI.

Check out the deep dive at Search Engine Land.

Q for You

How confident are you in your ability to discern AI-generated writing from human-generated writing?


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Take home the scent of perfectly rolled flower

That’s Dope

Canada’s Cannabis Act prohibits advertising that shows products, people, paraphernalia, and the inside of stores related to cannabis. Plus, most advertising channels filter it out automatically.

Cannabis chain Stok’d had to find a radical loophole to get in front of audiences.

They invested in promoting the stores beside Stok’d locations—a nail salon, a bookstore, a flower shop, and more—in clever video, OOH, and digital campaigns laden with slang coded for the target audience. Blazing nails, anyone?

The campaigns got some UGC play, and Stok’d got some major street cred. Scrappy, funny, good-natured… everything you want from your cannabis provider.

Ads from the Past

"Be A Big-Wheel Dealer"

Stelber, 1968


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