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Grow through live streaming and a customer avatar worksheet!

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How to Grow Your Mailing List Using Live Streaming

A captive audience is every marketer’s dream. Luckily, there are numerous ways we can build captive audiences. YouTube subscribers, Twitter and Instagram followers, Facebook Group members, and mailing lists are some of the best ways we can build audiences. And when it comes to mailing lists, live video can fuel growth substantially. SendPulse is sharing just how to grow mailing lists with live streaming.

Define your audience. Marketers know defining an audience is crucial. How else will you know who will be on the receiving end of your marketing efforts? When it comes to streaming, knowing where your audience is in the buyer’s journey will help you craft the best message.

Create an enticing offer. If your audience is in attendance, then don’t make them walk away empty-handed. They’re watching for a reason, so give them something so valuable they can’t help but sign up for it.

Tell a powerful story. People find value in the things they relate to. If your story doesn’t resonate then they won’t see the point in hearing it. When they’re captivated by the story you tell, they’ll understand signing up for your offer is the next natural step.

Draw attention to your call to action. Share your offer verbally and with in-stream links, but also describe the benefits of taking action. Drive the point home so it won’t be missed or overlooked.

Promote your live stream like a blockbuster movie. Spread the word and build anticipation so you have a great turnout for your live stream. Utilize social media, email, and paid channels if possible. An added bonus is you can grow your email list at this stage as well.

Read on for a post-stream tip of repurposing live stream gems.

The Customer Avatar Worksheet

Defining your ideal customer isn’t always a set it and forget it process. Audiences change and so may your offerings. When you go to the drawing board and define your target audiences, you’ll want detailed personas for tailoring outreach.

DigitalMarketer’s Customer Avatar Worksheet provides a great way of pinpointing your customer profiles. Hone in on 6 characteristics you’ll use for determining why your customer will buy. Plus, create a manifestation of your customer so you can anticipate objections and address their goals.

Too many things can interrupt your workflow. It’s nice to start the day or a work session with a dose of inspiration. Momentum is a plugin you can install in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) for beautiful backgrounds and inspirational quotes. Starting tasks has never been so serene.

Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite

We all remember Apple’s classic 1984 themed Super Bowl ad. It struck a chord in millions of people and likened IBM to Big Brother. Naturally, Apple was the hero who came in and saved humanity’s future. Well…

Epic Games just clapped back at Apple with a taste of their own medicine. It’s no secret Apple takes a cut of app purchases and in-game purchases. So when Epic Games’ Fortnite tried circumnavigating this, they were banned from the App Store. Whether you side with Apple or with Epic Games, we can see this ad is clever regardless.

Ads from the Past

1904, McIlhenny’s Tabasco

“People share, read, and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends & people they know and trust.”

Malorie Lucich


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