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Personalization tactics that work.

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5 Personalization Tactics That Actually Convert

86% of consumers say that personalized experiences increase their loyalty to specific brands, making it critical for businesses to prioritize their own personalization strategies.

But how?

Twilio Segment’s latest ebook, Beyond the basics: 5 personalization tactics that actually convert, walks you through 5 easy to master personalization templates that you can copy and role out for your own customers.

5 personalization tactics that actually convert

Smash or Pass

What do you think of Heinz’s collectible condiment packets?

Heinz Saucemerica


We love Slack, Slack rules. But if you’re monitoring dozens of channels every day, the whirlwind of assignments, handovers, and project progress can get a little dizzying. This little tool converts your Slack channels into one shared inbox of requests and support tickets.

Chick Fil A Code Moo

Code Moo

Chick Fil A cows are back (in the social media department) to promote the fast food giant’s new mobile game, Code Moo, which you can play for real chicken.

Ads from the Past

Mustang, 1967

Mustang, 1967


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