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B2B is the bees knees

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B2B Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Growing Your Business in 2020

Folks, we got a request for B2B advice. So, we found out Profitwell came up with 9 strategies tackling the challenges that come with marketing to other businesses.

There are commonalities between B2B and B2C. On one hand, you’re always trying to get buy-in from a human. It’s how you market that differs.

For example, a baker at a street fair could say “Take a bite of my fresh, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. So good it’ll take you back to grandmas kitchen.” This same baker can go to a corporate office with a pitch like “My fresh, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies can boost morale during meetings without any worry of allergy concerns.”

B2C = consumer satisfaction. B2B = benefits the bottom line. Get the picture? Okay, let’s get to those B2B strategies.

  1. Bring back human interaction by offering live chat. You could engage on-site visitors, answer qs, and identify qualified leads. Live Chat can lead to an 82% on-site conversion rate increase, 13% more revenue from your customers, and 51% faster response times.
  2. Get SEO and content marketing on your radar. We hear “89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B buying process.” Get to a point of delivering high-quality content – promote that content, build links, make it shareable, and protect your rankings. It’s a looong game with a big pay off.
  3. Don’t skimp out on social media. B2B is strong with platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Share blog content, case studies, and industry research. Plus, get social on social. Interact with prospects and customers by seeking feedback on products, understanding frustrations, and delighting them in every encounter.
  4. Email marketing has the versatility to be used throughout the buying cycle. You can create hyper-relevant email drips, product emails, purchase reminders, recommendations, win-back campaigns, and much more. Plus, did you know for every $1 spent, email generates $38 in ROI.

There’s so much goodness in Profitwell’s article. If you’re in the B2B space do yourself a favor and click through.

The best in Live Chat Software

Want to get your business in on the live chat game? Yeah, it’s one heck of a strategy, so we did a little research for you. One stand out software, get this, is called LiveChat. Talk about being direct with a name.

Anyway, LiveChat is a “customer service platform that automates your work and fuels your sales.” The features are top-notch. And worth taking a gander if you’re looking for an automation tactic to support your sales or customer service team.

Want to see comparisons for yourself? WPBeginner made a list of top live chat software options.

Facebook Question of the Day

In our FB group, we can’t resist sharing the best in marketing. Seeing the greatest in digital or traditional campaigns sparks even better discussion. Jarrett posted about a few girl scouts who made a pretty genius move to sell a heck of a lot of cookies.

Quick Bites. Big Stories.

Many things are constantly vying for our time. With only so many hours in a day, when you find something that should take a quibi or less it’s easy to squeeze it in. Even if that means procrastinating your escape from quicksand.

What? Haven’t y’all heard of quibi before? See Quibi.com, an upcoming streaming service, is attempting to make quibi or quick bites of entertainment a thing. If most shows are too long of a commitment for you, then check out Quibi and be done in 10 minutes or less.

Ads from the Past

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“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”

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