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Google Ads’ AI features rule.

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8 Helpful AI Features in Google Ads

Check out Google Ads’ AI features to improve results, strengthen customer connections, and deepen your marketing expertise.

  1. AI-driven search campaigns: AI helps optimize bidding strategies, expand match types, and enhance ad relevance with remarkable precision in real-time.
  2. Performance Max AI features: This goes beyond familiar channels, utilizing AI to uncover untapped audience segments and conversion opportunities.
  3. Automatically created assets: This feature generates context-based headlines and descriptions, enhancing Ad Strength by considering factors such as the landing page and existing ads.
  4. Conversational Experience in Google Ads: This beta feature allows for efficient creation of impactful keywords and assets by entering your website URL.
  5. Google Analytics 4 measurement enhancements: By leveraging AI, GA4 is a robust measurement tool that automatically extracts insights and anticipates future consumer trends.
  6. Optimized targeting: AI builds upon audiences you already know by harnessing signals from Google’s ecosystem to illuminate new, relevant customers.
  7. YouTube AI-powered creative tools: Use these to generate video ads and campaigns or simply enhance existing ones with trimming, flipping, and voiceovers.
  8. App campaigns: Promote apps across Google’s most prominent channels within a single campaign.

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