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Looking for This?

TikTok Search Ads are on.

The TikTok Search Ads Toggle

Over half of TikTok users discover new brands and products on the platform, relying on TikTok’s powerful search experience to find tips, recipes, reviews, and more.

When you enable TikTok’s new Search Ads Toggle within the Ads Manager, your existing in-feed ads are automatically served alongside relevant organic search results in the app, extending your reach to high-intent users.

These search ads are labeled “Sponsored” and will appear in various positions on the results page based on your existing targeting, as well as “relevancy, user intent (…), and learnings from other user behavior,” according to TikTok.

TikTok claims that 70% of ad groups with Search Ads Toggle enabled saw more efficient performance. The feature is automatically enabled for in-feed ads, but can also can be activated mid-campaign if you opt out initially.

Check out TikTok for brand case studies using the Search Ads Toggle.

Q for You

Do you enable TikTok Search Ads for your campaigns?


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KRAFT FUDGES make home sweet home because they taste so wonderful. Big deal for Trick or Treat - 42 in every bag: each one wrapped! Pick Chocolate or Vanilla.

Kraft, 1958


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