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Women Are Killing It

We’ll ask it again: who run the world?

3 Impressive Women Paving the Way in Marketing

We’re so excited. We just can’t hide it. We’re about to lose control and we think we like it! Yeah, we have burst-into-song kind of enthusiasm today.

Crew, we had the chance to interview three amazing, talented, intelligent, inspiring women who are K-I-L-L-I-N-G it in the marketing world. These women leaders are sharing their stories and expressing what leadership means to them.

Without further ado — here’s Marketing’s Leading Ladies Part 2 (Part 1 here)

Q1: What drew you to the marketing field? Do you think any childhood experiences led you to your success?

Jaymie Tarshis “Growing up, my mom owned a sewing and alterations business but she always struggled with the ability to grow her company and attract new customers.

When I found out that marketing was the piece of the puzzle that could have potentially saved her business, I made it my mission in life to help as many business owners as possible make sense of online marketing so they could always have a way to consistently bring in new customers and clients in the door.”

Q4: Define a great leader or some traits you think great leaders possess?

Laurel Hess “I learned a lot from my former boss and mentor, Jennifer Cooke. She had many “Jenn-isms” but among my favorite were:

  1. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.
  2. The difference between good and great is attention to detail.
  3. Over-communicate and read your emails out loud before you send them (I still do this).”

Q6: Can you tell us about one of your biggest failures and what you learned from it.

Nneka Carrie Ude “I don’t see things as failures but rather opportunities to learn and grow. How am I overcoming fear? I’m challenging myself to step into it.

If something, an idea, a project, an opportunity makes me want to puke and pass out at the same time, then I know it’s EXACTLY what I need to be doing. I made a commitment to myself, an affirmation actually, that I will never have to say ‘I wish I would have…'”

Smash the button to see what else Jaymie, Laurel, and Nneka have to say!

Instagram Live Video Examples That You Can Copy

Ready for some live video stats? You better be ’cause you’re getting some whether you like it or not. Here goes nuthin’…

  • 80% of people surveyed would rather watch a live video than read a blog
  • 82% prefer live video over a typical social post
  • 78% of online audiences are already watching video on Facebook Live

To sum that up: live video is important. Not on board with it yet? Why the heck not?

If you’re not sure where to start with live video, AdEspresso put together some examples on how you can have success with live video on Instagram. These tips can also work on Facebook, or Twitter if that’s your thing.

1) Interview an influencer
Pretty self-explanatory, right? Think of this kinda like a late night talk show, or a live podcast, but on Instagram Live. The goal is to leverage the influencer’s audience to gain more followers. Just make sure they promote your Live event before it actually goes live.

Huda Beauty did this with Bella Hadid and well it was a…bella…good idea (bad pun. so sorry. here’s to hoping my editor edits this out).

2) Show behind-the-scenes content
People eat up BTS content. It’s crazy helpful in building a stronger connection with your audience. Livestream meetings, office tours, company events, or interview a co-worker about what they do every day.

Chelsea Peretti recently did this for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. (Related: she just announced she’s leaving the show. What gives, Chelsea!?)

3) Share a current event
Conferences and other industry events are a great time/place to do this. Don’t just livestream the speaker giving her presentation, that’s not really fair. Instead, recap what she talked about, or ask people around you what they thought of the talk.

4) Run a tutorial
Just create a walkthrough of how you to do something. Let’s say you’re marketing a fitness brand. Go live with a workout tutorial, or how to use a specific piece of equipment.

Speaking of which, fitness company, Further Than Fitness, just did this.

TONS more to learn here (+examples) 👇

Don’t Vote

When I (Mark) pitched today’s Watch to Gloria, I got the response, “ugh that one made me mad.” So yeah, that’s all you gotta know about today’s Watch.

Okay, a little more context…

This is a political ad that tells America’s youth not to vote. Seriously. The ad is all about not voting, which is a strange departure from most political ads.

But, they’re actually using the ol’ reverse psychology trick to convince you to vote by telling you not to vote.

We hate it, which is exactly why we like it. You’ll see what we mean in just 1-minute…

“If something, an idea, a project, an opportunity makes me want to puke and pass out at the same time, then I know it’s EXACTLY what I need to be doing.”

Nneka Carrie Ude

Ads from the Past

Isn’t this how everyone starts their mornings? With a little Irish coffee? Apparently that’s what Bushmills recommended in 1970.


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