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Not Again 🙄

Ad repetition bites.

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How to Not Be Annoying

Don’t show people the same online ad too many times.

In a study, researchers found that users had a 39.6% chance of being annoyed by an ad after viewing it 3 times, which increased with more repetitions.

Users with demonstrated interest in the product (after visiting the website or searching for related products) had a little higher tolerance, however—only 3% were annoyed after 3 repetitions.

Rotate different ad creatives for the same product to limit fatigue.

GIFs and videos were more likely to annoy users. Additionally, users that were wealthy, young, and educated had less tolerance.

Take a closer look at the research at Ariyh.

Smash or Pass

Burt’s Bees collaborated with Hidden Valley on ranch-flavored chapstick.

A collection of chapsticks by Burt's Bees with Hidden Valley Ranch branding


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A Tito's bar cart floats between two people in a cabana pool


Get used to seeing this silent but charismatic little bar cart. It’s part of Tito’s new brand platform to differentiate itself from celebrity-owned brands and keep the focus on the vodka. Sometimes it’s not who you know, but who you don’t.

Ads from the Past

"Liza introduced us to white rum and soda at an Andy Warhol party"

Puerto Rican Rums, 1978


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