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Numbers Tripping You Up?đŸ˜”

Learn how to set SMART goals, plus a people-focused #staysharp entry.

Let’s be honest, how many of y’all use the SMART framework to set your goals or objectives?

Be In The Know

How to Set & Achieve Marketing Objectives in 2020

So y’all want to learn more about setting goals? Well, you came to the right place.

Goals are kinda tricky. It’s meant to keep you focused, but more often than not, it sets us down a numbers path. After all, “solely focusing on the results doesn’t actually produce results. Focusing on serving your customers is what produces results.”

We’re learning from our friends at Hubspot today. Let’s start with a quick clarification on an objective vs. a goal. A marketing objective is a specific action that helps you achieve the overall goal or broader vision.

There are 3 essential items your overall vision needs: the Why, the How, and the What.

  • The Why – What is the driving force behind what you want to achieve?
  • The How – How does the end vision solve that problem?
  • The What – What steps must be taken for that aspiration to come to fruition?

When your vision is in place, use the SMART framework to add realistic, quantifiable, and focused targets and level up on your goal setting.

  1. Specific – Choose one or two key metrics to improve. The amount of data we have available is genuinely mind-blowing. Focusing too many can create chaos when trying to make a decision.
  2. Measurable – Gauge your progress by quantifying your goals. Ex. – reaching an X percentage increase in visitors.
  3. Attainable – Learn to base goals from your own analytics, not industry benchmarks.
  4. Relevant – Relate your marketing goals with that of the company’s overall vision as well as consider the current trends in your industry.
  5. Time-bound – Define deadlines to encourage your team to accomplish goals. This helps make consistent and significant progress in the long-term too. After all, procrastinating is the slimy mud pit that terrorizes your growth rate.

Read on folks, read on. Hubspot offers several goal-setting examples and explanations and it’s too good to pass up.

People Come First

Shout out to Unbounce for sharing how their team tackled COVID-19 to help their people!

The Challenge:

With COVID-19 continuing to be a global concern, Unbounce’s priority became how to meaningfully support their customers and prospects. The Unbounce team adjusted the business-as-usual content to help their audience navigate this uncertain landscape.

Particularly any groups who are most impacted by the current epidemic, like mission-critical services and small business—especially folks in these industries who may not already have a background in marketing.

The Solution:

Unbounce created a landing page that would act as a resource hub. It’s laser-focused on how small businesses can transition their product or service online.

In five working days, their team collaborated on the fly to write, design, and distribute a “COVID-19 Small Business Care Package” that detailed the most relevant, useful TL;DR info. They sourced and summarized key tech discounts, government funding/financial aid, and marketing optimization resources to provide businesses with at-a-glance info meant to help, not overwhelm.

The Results:

Within a week, Unbounce saw 500 unique pageviews to the landing page. Their internal customer-facing teams shared the page with customers/prospects, but it’s also been great to receive a positive response from the community. Other marketers and business owners have said it’s a valuable resource, or they were even willing to share it in their own networks of small-town businesses.

Ashley, a Marketing Strategist at Unbounce, adds, “Most of all, it was great to see our team regroup, find alignment, and move quickly to pull this together lickety-split!”

Share your #staysharp moment with your Daily Carnage fam. We’re accepting more submissions!

COVID-19-related or not, our goal is to learn from each other. Send in your submissions to [email protected] with #staysharp in the subject line, and use “the Challenge, the Solution, and the Results,” as a framework.

Mouse Traps and Ping Pong Balls

Some people learn things in different ways. There are verbal folks, physical peeps, logical crowds, and four other possible learning styles. Ask us, and we’re all about that visual life. Craving examples to be played out before our eyes.

Before we get into a learning style rabbit hole, let’s chat about this Watch. See, the Ohio Department of Health knows you’re already practicing social distancing. But they’ve put together a compelling reason for it in the form of mouse traps and ping pong balls.

Intrigued, yet? Yeah, we were too.

Ads from the Past

1923, Home & Colonial Teas

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