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Please Don’t Tell Mom

We kinda, sorta, maybe stole something. shhhhh. don’t tell!

Increasing Website Conversions: 6 Plays You Should Be Running Right Now

Can we tell you guys a secret?

We stole Drift’s marketing playbook. But, puhh-leaz, don’t tell anyone.

Okay, we didn’t actually steal it. They actually published a few plays from it on their blog and we’re sharing those plays with y’all today.

If you’re not familiar with Drift, they’re a chatbot/live-chat website feature. Their product is cool enough, but their marketing is what really separates them.

Here are a few things they do that really help boost their website conversions:

1) Write magnetic headlines.

Drift is serious about their headlines, and you should be too. They use one of two headline recipes for most of their headlines: Russel Brunson’s headline formula – How to [achieve the thing they want most/reach the promised land] without [doing the painful things they want to avoid]. Or The 4 U’s – All headlines should be urgent, unique, ultra-specific, and useful.

2) Use the rule of threes.

People are hardwired to remember lists of three. So if you’re presenting your brand’s value proposition on a landing page, boil it down to three things you want someone to take away from that page.

3) Appeal to P.A.S.E.

There are 4 different kinds of buyers. Each of your web pages should appeal to all 4 of these buyers:

  1. Practical. Responds to logic, can’t be pressured, and makes rational decisions.
  2. Actionable. Responds to scarcity, time is running out messaging, and often makes quick decisions.
  3. Social. Responds to social proof, follows what others are doing, and doesn’t want to be left out.
  4. Emotional. Responds to photos of people, places, and good causes.

4) CTAs come in pairs.

Each page should have two CTAs. They can be the same CTA, but you need two of them. One should be above the fold, and one below the fold.

5) Give people guarantees to earn trust.

If you’re having people enter their information to get a free trial or to download something, give them guarantees on what they’re getting. For example, Drift’s free trial signup guarantees, “No time restrictions, no credit card required. Install it on your site in seconds.” That knocks down all common objections in just a coupla words.

More to learn from the playbook. Dive in…

22 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget

Where are my small biz and on-a-budget marketers? Get your coffee and wake those sleepy eyes up cause we got the goodies just for you today.

Organic is dead!

Well, that’s an extreme statement but we wanted to help wake you up. Now that we have your attention, we’re talking Facebook’s content algorithm.

Facebook has made it their mission to serve up relevant and valuable content to consumers, so organic is on the decline if you aren’t doing it right. Essentially, if you’re offering valuable content/experiences to the right audience then you’re good to go even on a small budget.

If not, Wordstream is sharing how it’s done.

4) Optimize your profile page. Get more use from navigation bars on your FB business page by restructuring the hierarchy and include/remove tabs to provide a smoother experience. Example, if you are in a service-based industry, get that review tab turned on!

8) Add to your Facebook Story. Content pushed through FB stories have a casual feel. Think behind the scenes vibes. It doesn’t yet compare to Instagram stories but engagement is climbing. It’s worth trying.

11) Post with a small budget. Add a paid budget even if its a sparkler compared to mega-storm fireworks. If nothing else, it will ensure reach. And experiment, experiment, experiment like the mad scientist you are.

18) Use custom audiences to retarget users. Wordstream reports, “the most consistently effective strategies are using video ads to retarget warm audiences.” And we agreed. Say you made a 15-second video showcasing how your product works and pushed it to a cold audience. Let it run for a couple days then retarget those who watched 60% to 95% of that video.

22) Capitalize on link retargeting. When sharing curated content you can add your Facebook retargeting pixel to your short link so that anyone who clicks on that content will be retargeted with a relevant ad. So media coverage, third-party websites, and industry news/reviews are your friends now.

Okay, there’s 22 total and we covered 5 of ’em, so that leaves…17(?)…for you… math.

Coral Crafters

Full disclosure: this Carnage writer has never played the video game, Minecraft. None of the team here fully understands the game, but that doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that the game is wildly popular and the company knows it. They’re dumping some of their profits into a worthy cause.

Whether you know it or not, the ocean’s coral reefs are dying off at pretty alarming rates. There’s a number of factors causing this that we won’t really get into here, but it’s happening. The good news is that it is possible to create man-made coral reefs that can help rebuild the natural ones.

And that’s exactly what Minecraft is doing. They built an in-game upgrade that donates money to coral reef reconstruction. All a player has to do is build a coral reef in the game, and Minecraft donates money.

Simple. Share-worthy. And something we’re huuuge fans of.

“Marketing is the art of creating genuine customer value. It is the art of helping your customer become better off.” 

Phillip Kotler

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