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11 Google Ads Hacks for PPC

Supercharge your PPC campaign on Google Ads with these 10 hacks:

  1. Enhance relevance by mastering the art of single keyword ad groups.
  2. Employ ad extensions wherever possible to be more prominent and engaging.
  3. Optimize and adjust bids by device to meet your users where they’re at.
  4. Schedule your ads for peak performance when your target audience is most active.
  5. Refine your ad’s location targeting so you can exclude irrelevant areas and bid for others more aggressively.
  6. Use dynamic keyword insertion to let Google tailor your message for optimal relevance.
  7. Implement remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) so you can bid aggressively for high-value users.
  8. Experiment with different match types to find the most effective strategy for your campaign.
  9. Use negative keywords along with the positive to save your budget.
  10. A/B test everything to collect data for insights.

Check out Entrepreneur to drill down through each hack.

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