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Objective One: Charters

Let’s get super organized with the help of a project charter!

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Do you use project charters to guide for your marketing strategies?

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How to Draft a Project Charter (With Example)

“We the marketers, in order to form more perfect content…”

An entire convention of people isn’t necessary for drafting your own project charter. And you certainly don’t need a catchy tune for generations to sing on Schoolhouse Rock (though that would be pretty dang awesome.)

In a nutshell, a project charter helps set a plan in motion by clarifying the project objective, setting a rough timeline, specifying roles and responsibilities within the project team, describing requirements, and serving as a contract.

Today, ClickUp is walking us through how to draft a project charter. Now on to creating one:

  • Project background details. This is just a brief section displaying the project name, the date, and perhaps the project owner. This is all more or less to keep organized.
  • Details about the project purpose. What is the reason you’re starting this project? Focus on your goals and what is driving you toward those goals. Why is the project important? What will it achieve?
  • Project risks, assumptions, constraints, and dependencies. For risks, define what could impact your project for the worse. For assumptions, identify things you expect will remain constant. Constraints will be whatever you might be working against (tight budgets, arduous approval processes, etc.) Dependencies will be things your project hinges on in achieving its own success.
  • Deliverables. Determine what you will and will not be delivering with this project. You’ll probably know the former by this point, but just defining what you will deliver isn’t enough; it leaves too much wiggle room. Define things you won’t deliver as they fall outside the project scope. This will be a saving grace from scope creep, which can unfortunately prolong your timeline and stretch your budget thinner.

It’s all about putting pen to paper and then taking action. Visit ClickUp for the rest of their tips.

Project Charter Template

Getting started on something new is easier with a reference. This is precisely why we love templates. No need for reinventing the wheel. Smartsheet has project charter templates so you can knock out your own charter in no time.

Download your template for Word or Excel, or use the template right within Smartsheet. Get your team involved and plan out all the facets of your project in a collaborative document.

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