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The Power of Presuasion

(We meant to do that.)

Why Do People Say “Yes”?

“Yes” is one of the most important word for marketers. It gets people to buy, to sign up for emails, to commit to a brand, to take a survey, etc.

But what exactly makes people say “yes?”

It has to do with PREsuasion. Yeah, you read that right. Courtesy of psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini, “presuasion” is essentially the idea that, in order to get people to say yes, you need to warm them up to your message before you deliver it.

Example: In a study, researchers went out on the street and asked people for help with a marketing survey. Only 29% of the people they asked said yes. But, when the researchers approached a different set of people and preceded their request with the question, “Do you consider yourself a helpful person?”, 77% of the people agreed to take the survey. We’ll take a 48% increase in conversions any day.

Today’s Listen breaks down other presuasion ideas like:

  • How you can improve unity during negotiations
  • Background information can change a customer’s idea of what is important for their purchase
  • The order in which you present things will cause people to tune in or out
  • How Warren Buffett uses presuasion

Skip to 6:49 to get to the good stuff.

27 Social Media Best Practices to Elevate Your Presence

Social media can be, for a lack of better words, a real sh*t show. Every channel is different and swarming with users, and the audience is filled with critics in the front row. That’s where so many great sources come in, like CoSchedule, who’s bringing you today’s Read.

It’s always a good idea to brush up on social media best practices, especially when you’re manning a business profile. 27 might seem like a lengthy list, but it’s a highly digestible one. Some are more obvious than others, like posting when your audience is the most active and defining your social media voice and tone.

Below are 10 that stood out most to us:

  1. Sound human on social by… humanizing your content. Maybe with some fire jokes.
  2. Actually respond to your audience (and be genuine when dealing with negativity).
  3. Showcase who you are as a company with culture content and BTS moments.
  4. Mix up your content with community and industry news, gifs (OKAY), blog posts, branded content, etc. — 45% of people unfollow brands because they post too many promotional items…
  5. Research your competitors.
  6. Create a social media/PR disaster plan…we’re still looking at you, Pepsi.
  7. Claim your usernames on channels, even if you’re not active on them. You love your username, make sure it stays yours.
  8. Research your hashtags before using them. Now we’re looking at you, DiGiorno…Save yourself the PR nightmare and track conversations people are having around certain hashtags with Tagboard!
  9. Track and act on engagement data.
  10. Don’t feed the trolls. They just want to get a response/reaction from you anyway.

Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising.
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