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This AI startup launched a $199 AI assistant device called the R1.

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What We Learned

Monday: The CEO of a B2B software business asks his podcast guests to share sound-byte links on their socials, and then he emails his sales pitch to everyone who interacts with the post. It works.

Tuesday: These are the SEO considerations that should be top of mind for a new year.

Wednesday: When you think of the perfect product landing page, Apple makes the list every time. Here’s how to replicate the brand’s recipe.

Thursday: In a study, researchers found that users had a 39.6% chance of being annoyed by an ad after viewing it 3 times, which increased with more repetitions.

Asked & Answered

Asked: Sara asked, “Is there any way of determining what the top marketing / business podcasts are beyond just Googling “top marketing podcasts?” I need to get a list of top podcasts that have audiences of brand leaders (eg. founders, CEOs) as well as senior level marketers and social folks (VP Marketing, Heads of Social and CMOs). The Apple charts do not have a ‘marketing’ category and I don’t know where else to find this info (the Apple charts DO have a Business category but they are mostly podcasts about the markets).”

Answered: This LinkedIn article by Tatum Hindman of TBHCreative combs the Apple search results and collates only the most relevant pods for social media strategists, digital marketers, product marketers, content marketers, marketing leaders, and SEOs. Nice.

Can’t seem to find the answers? Our community is like ChatGPT if it also shared memes. 

Orange Paprika Bloody Mary


  • 8 oz. Monkey In Paradise Vodka
  • 2 cups Bloody Mary Mix (any type you like!)
  • 2 cups Orange Juice
  • 1/4 cup Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 tbsp. Paprika
  • Pickled Garden Veggie Mix for Garnish
  • Pickles, for garnish
  • Black pepper, for topping

Three glasses of Bloody Marys


  1. In a large pitcher combine the bloody mary mix, orange juice, Worcestershire sauce, vodka, & paprika. Stir well to combine the paprika into the drink mixture.
  2. Pour over glasses of ice and top with skewered pickled garden veggies & pickle spears. Crack fresh pepper over the top of each drink & enjoy.

Recipe by Chilled Magazine

Ads from the Past

Easy little lashes from Avon.

Avon, 1970

Did Ya Know?

Answer: Rabbit.

Rabbit’s R1 is a sort of “universal controller,” with the ability to be trained on how to use virtually any app. The handheld product starts shipping in March.


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