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Reduce, Repurpose, Recycle, Rihanna

How to repurpose your content and increase your reach. Plus, 12 savvy Messenger ads.

How to Repurpose Your Content and Increase Your Reach

We consume content in so many ways these days. From reading to listening to watching to mindlessly scrolling. But we consume this content differently, on different technologies. Your 3,000-word blog article that desktop users love, might not be well received on mobile.

Today’s Listen is going to help you solve that problem with content repurposing. (Add it to the list of important R’s.) Tips and timestamps below:

  • (6:12) Content repurposing = taking a piece of content you’ve already created (like a blog article) and turning it into a video, a podcast, a series of images, etc.
  • (9:06) Repurposing content isn’t an advanced tactic for advanced marketers. It’s just an extension of what you’re already doing. You’ve taken the time to write a 3,000-word blog post, so you already know the subject matter.
  • (16:06) Slideshare is one of the best platforms for content repurposing. Remember Cliffs Notes? (Side note: we just found out that it’s actually Cliffs Notes…with an ‘s’. Mind blown.) Yeah, that’s basically Slideshare now.
  • (23:35) Use Pixabay to get free, high-quality stock photos for your Slideshares (we also love Unsplash and Pexels).
  • (26:28) Use humor, cliffhangers, and multiple slides for one thought to keep viewers engaged with your Slideshare all the way through.

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12 of the Best Facebook Messenger Ads

We’ve talked about FB Messenger Ads a few times in the Carnage. With 1.2 billion people using Facebook Messenger, the “Destination Ad” definitely warrants a few shoutouts.

If your company isn’t doing the damn thing, maybe today’s Read will inspire you to do the damn thing. Before we get to some of the best ways brands are effectively using FB messenger ads, some things to consider:

  • Messenger ads are one of the most direct ways of marketing because they show up in a very personal digital space (the main inbox tab between chat threads).
  • Email campaign and company websites have limited reach — Messenger ads are way more visible.
  • Messenger ads offer customers access to more personalized service than ever before.
  • Retailers can sound more conversational and less like a brand just selling something.

Here’s how some smart brands are taking advantage of this feature:

  1. Sephora’s goal was to drive more reservations with their in-store makeup service. With messenger ads, Sephora was able to bring clickers straight into a convo about booking a time, and they saw an 11% higher booking rate as a result.
  2. Pura Vida Bracelets uses carousel ads to hold a customer’s attention longer, increasing the chance of them seeing something they like.
  3. Tieks by Gavrieli reaches out to people who’ve clicked on an ad in the past. If they haven’t seen you in awhile, they message you directly, like “Hey whatsup, it’s been awhile. We think you’d like this…”
  4. Shop Spring targets people who are new to the brand and asks them a lot of questions, getting to know their potential customers better.
  5. Everlane sends a thank you note after they get an order and a promise to keep the customer posted about it. But, they go a step above and let customers track their order in Messenger in real-time!
  6. Absolut uses Messenger ads to raise brand awareness with mini campaigns within the app. The campaign far exceeded Absolut’s projections — 2x more.

That’s only half of them, and the others are just as savvy, with even more techniques that really paid off. 

All Things Beautiful Come From Nature

Sometimes, the stunning vision and otherworldly-innovation of an ad can leave you staring in awe at the screen. Today’s Watch is 100% one of those ads. Fusing modern technology and the grace and vibrancy of the natural world, Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics company, creates something the writer says, “needs to be experienced on two levels: the visceral and the intellectual.” We couldn’t agree more.

At first watch, you may think this ethereal garden of bright, blossoming flowers, honey bees, and lush, dewey greenery is something made by a computer. The Behind-the-Scenes video that accompanies the ad will show you otherwise. Instead, each scene and mini landscape was carefully planted and handcrafted. You really must see it to believe it.  

To be interesting, be interested.
Dale Carnegie

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