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Football had everyone talking about women and beauty.

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Super Bowl LVIII By The Numbers

Take a look at the longest Super Bowl in history by the numbers:

  • Look Who’s Talking: Over 500k accounts made a total of 2.65m posts during the game, or 11k mentions per minute.
  • The Taylor Effect: Taylor Swift was mentioned over 148k times, accounting for 5.6% of all Super Bowl mentions this year. 24% of Gen Z and 20% of Millennials in the US are more interested in football because of the popstar.
  • Beautiful Ads: Cosmetic brands like Dove, NYX, and e.l.f. ran ads banking on Swifties tuning in.
  • Shop Like A Billionaire: The online marketplace brand was the brand winner, generating over 33k mentions with multiple spots. Sentiment wasn’t all positive, though.
  • Beyonce Broke The Internet: She got Verizon over 32,000 mentions, making the brand the second-most talked about during the game and peaking at over 2,500 mentions in one minute.

Check out Brandwatch for more stats on the game.

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The soda wars continue. Pepsi Max is aiming for the throat with an Australian OOH, print, and social campaign clowning the mediocrity hidden in Coke’s own product name and packaging.

We love the scrappy, classic advertising spirit here that makes you double-take at something you gloss over every day. Counterintuitively, the Coke brand is recognizable and more prominent in this creative than Pepsi itself. Will it backfire?

Pepsi vs Coke OK Campaign

Ads from the Past

Kenmore Dryer for women who want the best even if it does cost less

Kenmore, 1969


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