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Sent You a TikTok

2023’s top performers.

Be in The Know

Have You Seen That Viral TikTok?

TikTok released a report on the viral content that mesmerized audiences in 2023. These were the top 10 ‘Toks that had the special sauce this year:

  1. @dollievision’s makeup routine stopped thumbs everywhere.
  2. @justinflom shared *one* way to fix a broken light.
  3. @through.the.lleaves has a seriously big “kitten.”
  4. @selenagomez dropped a fire skin routine.
  5. @chrishoffish totally won the parking-garage-singing genre.
  6. @thezachchoi made raw chicken into ASMR content.
  7. @kaaaathhhhy got sassed by a French bull dog.
  8. @kristy.sarah demonstrated how not to cut an onion.
  9. @tubbynugget had a sweet little message for everyone.
  10. @bwpottery shared pottery fails to make you feel better.

Check out the TikTok blog for a download on what else worked on the app.

Q for You

Does your brand acknowledge or incorporate the Pantone Color of The Year in any way?


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On Second Thought

First, long-range photos spoiled some surprising cameos during the filming of Deadpool 3, which recently resumed filming after the strike resolution.

Then, a frustrated Ryan Reynolds issued a statement urging publishers to hold back on releasing spoiler content.

And then, a day later, a strategic Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter with some fake spoilers of his own. In a set of images, Steve Urkel, The Predator, and Mickey Mouse make cameos in the upcoming sequel.

Deadpool Leaks by Ryan Reynolds

He posted, “PLEASE don’t overuse the phrase, ‘Deadpool Leaks’ because it might screw up search results if anyone is looking for Deadpool leaks or Deadpool spoilers or perhaps, Deadpool Scoops. And if you decide to make your own, for god’s sake, don’t use hashtags like, #DeadpoolLeaks #DeadpoolSpoiler #DeadpoolScoop.”

So, the real spoilers are harder to find, people are talking about Deadpool 3, and fans are submitting some cameos worth considering. Win-win-win.

Ads from the Past

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