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Get more mileage out of your stellar client success stories by avoiding these common case-study mistakes:

  1. Start with the story, not the customer. Traditional case studies opened with a generic company description. Instead, move this info to the end or in a sidebar in favor of immediately engaging the reader with interest and tension right from the opening sentence.
  2. Describe the experience, not the features. Many marketers make the mistake of highlighting only product and service solutions, which is informative, but potential leads want to know more about your thought process, or they why behind the how.
  3. Describe the impact, not just the results. Flashy results should be included, of course, but don’t forget to translate for readers what the results really mean. What is the realized impact of these numbers?
  4. Tie your CTA to the story. Instead of slapping a “Contact us” CTA at the end of your case study, compel your audience to reach out for the same results they’ve just read about.

Check out the full story at Case Study Buddy.

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