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How to get that sweet, sweet perfect score on your FB ads.

7-Point Website Redesign Checklist

Did you happen to catch the Carnage where we featured the article, “15 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Website”? Maybe you thought to yourself, “dang, maybe it’s time for a revamp.”

For all those inspired for a site redesign, we’re serving up the perfect podcast to make sure you cover all your bases. Not gonna lie, it’s only 4 minutes long, so it’s all right below. Why? Because we freakin’ love you.

  • (00:34) #1: Make sure your website is designed with a strong SEO foundation. You really, really don’t want go back and fix issues, like redoing your URL structure. Devs don’t want to work on that.
  • (01:01) For WordPress, build your SEO first by installing YOAST.
  • (01:12) #2: Keep track of your existing URLs in a checklist, and avoid changing them.
  • (01:25) #3: Don’ forget about your site speed. You can use tools like GTMetrix or Pingdom to find out what your site speed is.
  • (01:41) #4: Make sure your website is optimized for mobile since a larger percentage of website visitors are mobile users.
  • (01:50) Use Google AMP framework to help ensure your mobile users have an extremely fast and pleasant experience.
  • (01:59) #5: Don’t forget about your pixels, like the Google Analytics pixels and Facebook pixels.
  • (02:20) #6: Figure out where you want the copy for your content to go before you redesign.
  • (02:35) #7: Use Browseo to check your website’s resolution in different platforms and on different devices.
  • (03:02) Don’t forget to think about how responsive your website is.

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Get a 10/10 Facebook Ads Relevance Score

Now seems like the perfect time to you show our favorite vine ever. And because vine is dead (RIP), someone made it into a one-minute video.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of our system, we can talk about today’s Read, which is all about the number 10.

That’s the relevancy score that you should always be aiming for with your Facebook ad campaigns.

Relevancy score is one of the most overlooked aspects of Facebook ads, but it really shouldn’t be. A high relevancy score lowers your costs and increases your clicks. It’s that simple. So how do you get there? Glad you asked…

  • Your target audience matters. You need to be really specific with who you’re targeting with your ad. First, you gotta find the fanatics. Use Facebook’s Audience Insights to find out what pages your audience likes, AND what other pages they’re likely to like. That’s what the affinity score in Audience Insights tells you.
  • Age and gender also matter. If you have two very different people, but they like the same pages, they’re still likely to react to your ads differently. You should create separate ads for them based on their age and gender. Run ads at a low cost to find out what types of people are interacting with your ads. Then iterate on that data.
  • You also need to split test again and again and again. Start with just the copy on your ads. Find the one with the higher relevancy score and use that as the winner. From there, split test with your images. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Getting that perfect 10 ain’t easy, but it’s possible. You truly gotta read this one to get all the juicy deets.

Wake up, Morty! We’re In a Commercial, Morty!

If you’re familiar the Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and Morty, you’re familiar with its ad-libbed voice acting, allusive writing, and misanthropic characters.  

You may also be familiar with how long it took for this most recent season to air. Maybe because your coworker wouldn’t stop talking about it…

Well, it seems the creators of the shows had more on their plate than just writing a complex storyline about the multidimensional misadventures of the smartest man in the universe (aka narcissist anti-hero) and his dopey grandson. See also: dadaist sci-fi rigamarole. 

They were also busy making sponsored content for in between seasons. An interesting integration for a show so… anarchist. But, what’s really interesting is how the shows’ creators produced such content, like today’s ad for Carl’s Jr

Rick doesn’t even mention liking Carl’s Jr. burgers. Instead, he just barges into Morty’s room in the middle of the night, yelling, “Morty, wake up! We’re in a Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s commercial right now!” By infusing their own brand of chaotic-yet-sharp storytelling into the sponsored content, they made something that is almost like a clip from the show itself. 

Did You Know? 
Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn

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