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Learn How These Ladies are Killing It in the Marketing Industry

Drum roll, please…..

To finish off a wonderful series meant to empower women to push past any limitations that come with moving up in a career, here are the last interviews with Noorjahan Akbar, Victoria Ekwenuke, and Danielle Ryan!

Q1: Was there a piece of advice that has inspired you throughout your career?

“Not throughout my career, but recently I’ve had the chance to work with Allison Shapira, who is a public speaking trainer and author, and one thing she said has stuck with me.

She argues that in public speaking, as well as other things in life, it is more important to be authentic than to be perfect.”

– Noorjahan Akbar, Founder of Free Women Writers and Marketing Freelancer

Q2: How do you stay productive on days when you just feel like binge-watching Netflix?

“Ha! I give in and binge watch Netflix! Seriously, I do and this is why. Most people who know me would say that I’m very structured and disciplined. I spend a lot of my free time working on the many commitments that I have.

Being busy all the time doesn’t necessarily equate to productivity. Yes, constant hustle and drive are great and at times are needed. However, it can also lead to unhealthy habits and in fact be counterproductive.”

– Victoria Ekwenuke, Global Brand Manager, Ebay

Q3: How can more women achieve a more prominent role in their organization?

“Plain and simple – treat everyone as an equal, including yourself.”

– Danielle Ryan Founder & CEO of BriteIdea Marketing

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Will Increasing Your Facebook Ad Budget Actually Increase Sales?

If ya have 99 problems and they all have to do with Facebook, keep reading. 👀

Facebook’s algorithm makes it close to impossible to keep a consistent organic reach, which is where Facebook Advertising comes in. When you advertise on Facebook, you have more control over the audience you’re reaching and how many people see your messages.

So, does spending more $$$ on Facebook advertising = more leads, clicks, and sales? There isn’t one right answer, but here are some that might help.

Your Sales Team Has To Be 💯
If sales are your focus when creating Facebook ads, your sales team has to be on the ball with listening to customers and their needs. An ad can engage the people you hope to reach, but the product and people still need to sell it just as much.

It’s important to keep in mind that Facebook advertising is 🔑 for creating more lead generation, so maybe it’s time to shift your focus and goals when creating Facebook ads.

Consider Your Audience Size
Is your audience super specific or more broad? The more niche your audience is, the less beneficial it seems to spend more money on Facebook advertising.

Think about it: if you’re a local business like an auto-repair shop, your audience size is very niche. How likely is someone to come from hours away to have their car fixed? The answer: they’re not. If you’re a global body wash brand, your target audience is really anyone that showers. Which is hopefully everyone.

Is mo’ money, mo’ problems the outcome here? Click below to find out. 💸💸

The Christmas Meal

In this TV ad, a security guard is getting ready to buckle down and begin his night shift on Christmas Eve. As the only guy left in the giant office how can you not get up to a few shenanigans?

But, even crafting up some fake snow isn’t enough to distract from wanting to be with family during the holiday. That’s where Coke and UberEats come into play…

“Marketing exists to serve our consumers – one at a time.”

Trevor Edwards

Ads from the Past

Vanity Fair came out with this cigarette ad in the 1950s. Because why smoke plain old cigarettes when you can have pretty pastel pink ones?


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